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PV Gas Ca Mau wins the fourth championship of the Mekhong Delta Petroleum football award in 2013

The 2013 Football Award for Petroleum units in the Mekong Delta region held by PetroVietnam Trade Union to celebrate the Workers’ Month has come to an end with the championship prize awarded to PetroVietnam Gas Ca Mau. This was the fourth straight time that PetroVietnam Gas Ca Mau won the highest prize in the king of sports of Mekong Delta Petroleum industry.

The Tournament was attended by 11 teams from Petroleum units in the Mekong delta region. They were divided into 4 groups, in which 2 teams in each group were selected to play in the quarterfinals. The matches took place during the two consecutive days of 8 and 9 June, 2013.
With young, strong and equal players with good skills and smooth passing capacities built by playing together for years, solidarity and wholehearted devotion for team victory, along with PV GAS CAMAU fans’ enthusiastic cheers regardless of unfavorable weather during the tournament, PV Gas Ca Mau football team excellently won the championship. The Organizing Committee affirmed: This year’s winner –PV Gas Ca Mau team showed its growth in the sports movements with its effective play.                                  

All participating teams brought attractive matches, great shootings, spectacular goals along with mutual respect for each other. All those contributed to a lively and exciting football festival with the united and noble sportsmanship.
This tournament keeps affirming the constant development of sports movements of units in the oil and gas industry, showing the care of leaders of the Group and Petroleum industry Trade Union creating favorable environment for employees to exercise health, strengthen solidarity, and together well fulfill production and business tasks of each company and the Group in the coming time.


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