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PV GAS Accompanies VTC14’s "Energy and Development" Program

This is the second year that Petrovietnam Gas Corporation (PV GAS) has been a companion to the "Energy and Development" program, which airs at 9:00 PM every Saturday and Sunday on VTC14 channel.

In recent years, energy development in Vietnam has been undergoing positive changes in meeting the requirements of socio-economic trends. However, there are still existing difficulties and constraints in the process of green transformation and sustainable development. VTC14’s "Energy and Development" program is expected to contribute to promoting Vietnam's green and sustainable growth in the coming time.

VTC14’s "Energy and Development" program airs at 9:00 PM every Saturday and Sunday


With a duration of 10 minutes per episode, the "Energy and Development" program is structured in the format of news bulletins, each consisting of short documentaries, interactive exchanges, and discussions with experts in the field of energy. From there, solutions, plans, and policies are proposed to ensure the development of green energy.

PV GAS’ accompanying the program has demonstrated its position as the leading enterprise in Vietnam’s gas industry and a flagship of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (Petrovietnam). In addition to providing audiences with important insights and information about the energy sector, PV GAS also aims to convey messages, and encourage the promotion of efficient, reasonable energy use for sectors such as transportation, industry, commerce, etc. 

The Corporation has been very active and committed to the journey of green energy transition through impressive activities and events such as: becoming the first and only entity in Vietnam certified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to export and import LNG; completing the 1 MMTPA Thi Vai LNG Terminal; successfully importing the first LNG cargo into Vietnam; and so on. In the future, PV GAS will aim to develop new and greener products such as hydrogen and ammonia, joining hands with the country to achieve Net Zero Emissions.

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