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Promoting the regeneration of Petrovietnam corporate culture at PV GAS

Petrovietnam corporate culture regeneration with the action motto of "Solidarity - Discipline - Creativity - Efficiency" is being vigorously deployed and becoming one of the solutions to promote the synergy of the Group and its units. Trade Union, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and Veterans Association of Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) also are quickly coordinating to make a plan to regenerate the Petrovietnam corporate culture at PV GAS.

Their plans are concretized into specific actions, improving awareness and changing behaviors of the unions’ members and employees such as: communication, the implementation of 5S practices, occupational safety and health, brand development, cultural activities, training, social welfares, ... in line with each period.

Specifically, to raise awareness among the unions’ members and employees, PV GAS Trade Union, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and Veterans Association focuses on communication of regulations and general values of Petrovietnam corporate culture and specific features of PV GAS Corporate Culture. Building a Green - Clean - Beautiful working environment according to the 5S model at the offices and on oil and gas works, ensuring occupational safety and health and fire and explosion prevention is identified as one of the practical contents in line with the regeneration of Petrovietnam corporate culture and building PV GAS corporate culture.

Other typical activities will also be focused such as: Building reading culture; organizing forums/union activities according to topics and fields in order to exchange knowledge, expertise, skills and professions; and establish groups for mutual support and internal training. Trade Union, Youth Union and Veterans Association at PV GAS are also interested in organizing collective activities to connect and share between employees. Especially, the Corporation's Trade Union deploys, monitors and evaluates the results of integrating the implementation of corporate culture in the collective labor agreement of the Corporation/units.

Promoting cohesion, clearly demonstrating the role of socio-political organizations throughout PV GAS in regenerating Petrovietnam Corporate Culture, orienting PV GAS culture, contents in the Petrovietnam Corporate Culture regeneration plan at PV GAS will be implemented practically, regularly and continuously. Every year, the three organizations will choose specific activities and integrate them into their annual working programs, timely communicate, and create an environment and conditions for each union member to understand and take part in activities. 

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