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Offshore gas leak discovered and promptly repaired

At about 11h30 on August 23, 2013, a gas leak was discovered at delivery point with code KP75 of Nam Con Son gas pipeline system, approximately 300km away from Vung Tau City's coast.

Immediately, PV Gas – Operator of Nam Con Son gas pipeline system cooperated with relevant agencies to promptly notify The National Load Dispatch Centre (NLDC) then nearby boats to stay away from the suspected gas leak point for the purpose of ensuring maximum safety for people and vehicles. Technical measures were also taken at the same time and the Emergency response plan at the level of PVN and PV Gas…

The emergency response team also mobilized all resources such as vessel specialized in underwater pipeline inspection, helicopter, specialized equipments and professional staff… to proceed to find cause and locate the exact coordinates of the suspected leak point.

At 20h56 on August 24, the sea inspection equipment pinpointed the leak being at the flange joint between the pipelines of Chim Sao field (operated by Premier Oil, a British UK oil company) and Nam Con Son gas pipeline system. The leak was completely isolated at 3 A.M. August 25, 2013. As the leak happened to the property of Chim Sao field’s owner, repair was handed over to Premier Oil. PV Gas continues to cooperate and give maximum support so that the repair is safely and quickly carried out.

During repair time, gas output delivered to shore by NCSP is still maintained at normal level, ensuring adequate gas supply for electricity production.                            

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