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"Nghia tinh bien gioi hai đao” program in Con Dao island district

The grassroots Youth Union of Petrovietnam Gas Vungtau Processing Company (PV GAS VT) - representing the counterpart of Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation- from March 25-26 organized a "Nghia tinh bien gioi hai đao” program at Con Dao district in BR-VT Province, with the purpose of visiting soldiers at the island-based Border Guard and Navy units, and some families of students with difficult circumstances.

Following the direction of the Youth Union’s Standing Committee at the Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation, in line with the Annual Historical Site Visit Plan, the grassroots Youth Union of Petrovietnam Gas Vungtau Processing Company hosted the program with the participation of the union’s 25 members. This was a practical activity to celebrate the 92nd anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (March 26, 1931 - March 26, 2023) and the program towards the homeland’s sea and islands responded to and organized by various levels of grassroots youth unions.

During the more than two- day program, the delegation visited and gave away water purifiers for Radar Station 590 of Regiment 251- Ministry of Defence; projectors for Con Dao Border Guards Station and 50 gifts for families and students in difficult circumstances. The program’s total fund was VND 50 million.

The delegation visited Hang Duong Cemetery and burned incense to commemorate Heroic Martyr Vo Thi Sau - the country’s steadfast and indomitable heroine, and other heroic martyrs who had sacrificed for the Fatherland. The delegation also visited the historical site of Phu Hai Prison, and learned the revolutionary will of the country’s many talented revolutionaries who were exiled here.

Although only a short meeting time, the sacred island left many deep impressions on PV GAS VT youth. The emotions that the soldiers and people on the island expressed for the delegation also became a deep memory in the hearts of each cadre and the Youth Union’s members participating in the program, a motivation for them to continue striving to improve themselves, dedicating to the unit’s development, making a small contribution to the cause of Fatherland's construction and defence.

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