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Celebrating the event of gathering 1 billion m3 of gas from Rong – Doi Moi fields

In April 2014, Vietnamese - Russian oil and gas joint venture Vietsovpetro (VSP) and PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) held a solemn ceremony to celebrate the event of reaching the benchmark of 1 billion m3 of gas gathered, compressed and transferred to the shore from Rong – Doi Moi gas gathering facilities.

Rong – Doi Moi gas gathering facilities are the first offshore project that was invested 100% by PV GAS, and has been designed, constructed and operated by VSP in a package deal. The feasibility study of the project was established in a record-breaking period of time and the works of construction and installation were also completed 5 months and 22 days ahead of schedule. Thanks to such early completion, PV GAS could enjoy a benefit of USD 22.5 million.                                           
Rong gas compression platform was put into operation on 30th November 2010 for the purpose of gathering, receiving and treating associated gas from Rong – Doi Moi area, Block 09.1, then compressing it into gaslift to serve the need of oil production of VSP in Rong oilfield area for reducing the amount of gaslift compensated from the central compressor platform. By this way, the project indirectly contributes to increasing ashore gas output from Cuu Long gas system, helping PV GAS to process LPG, condensate and dry gas, bringing benefit for PVN/PV GAS and for the country as well. The project is estimated to gather about 2.56 billion cubic meters of gas. After three years of operation, the project has gathered and transmitted 1 billion cubic meters of ashore gas. As of the beginning of April 2014, VSP has transmitted 26.7 billion m3 of gas to the shore. In this success, Rong gas compression platform has contributed not a small part.                                          
This event remarks a significant milestone for Rong – Doi Moi gas gathering facilities, confirms a good cooperation between Vietsovpetro and PV GAS, shows an active and creative working spirit and the harmonious coordination of the collectives PV GAS and VSP under close directions of PVN.
This is also a landmark recognizing the great efforts and contribution of leaders and employees of Gas Project Production Enterprise - VSP, and the O&M Supervising Team of the PV GAS South East Gas Transmission Company, which are the units under these two bodies, and are operating the gas compressor platform safely, stably and effectively every day in every hour to indirectly contribute to increasing the ashore gas output of Cuu Long gas system.
With this project, the units under PV GAS and VSP have opportunities to continue strong growing in a high determination in project management and operation tasks.
Following these achievements, VSP and PV GAS will continue to coordinate and cooperate closely, comprehensively and effectively to make great effort to successfully complete assigned tasks in the upcoming time. VSP and PV GAS also continue to bring into play the investment efficiency of Rong- Doi Moi gas gathering facilities so latter could deserve to be a common pride and a cooperation symbol of the two units.

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