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PV Gas’ Trade Union organizes activities in response to the Youth Month 2014

The “Youth month” 2014 is the prelude to a series of activities of “Year of Youth Volunteer" 2014, celebrating the 83rd anniversary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union. Many practical activities of the youth nationwide have been noted. As part of the youth force of PetroVietnam, PV GAS’s Youth Union has also tried to implement the most practical and meaningful programs.

With 17 Union branches, 1.340 Union members, PV GAS’ Youth Union has always been one of the strong teams of the youth movement of Petroleum industry, making significant contribution to the development of the Gas industry as well as the social welfare activities of PV GAS. In the Youth month 2014, PV GAS’ Youth Union has coordinated in inaugurating the 2 Friendship Houses at Go Quao District, Kien Giang with sponsorship funds of around 100 million VND. PV GAS’ Youth Sports Festival 2014 has welcomed and attracted 300 amateur athletes from 17 Union branches of PV GAS’ Youth Union, competing in football, tennis, badminton, ping pong, bowling, billards, obstacle-cross running and folk games. 100% personnel of PV GAS have participated in the overtime day called “For Young Generation” on Saturday of 19/3/2014. On the anniversary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union on 26/3, PV GAS’ Youth Union has launched the Youth Union uniform dressing and celebration activities at all Youth Union organizations at grassroots level and the Youth union forces. The atmosphere of competition and promotion of response activities has been noted at all of Union branches.
The Union branch at grassroots level of PV Gas Trading has raised funding to support a child in Hai Duong in severely difficult circumtance with the total amount of over 12 million VND.
The Union branch at grassroots level of PV Gas Ca Mau has mobilized youth members and employees to participate in tree planting & care at GDC station on 9/3, camping, cultural exchange with OJB Ca Mau Union branch within the framework of joint activities organized by Ca Mau People-Government-Party Block on 22/03; coordinated with Union branch of the Economic Security Department of Ca Mau Police to visit and present the gifts to Ca Mau School for Disabled Chidren on 25/03 with total gift value of 10 million VND.                          

On 20/3, the Union branch at grassroots level of Block B-Omon Pipeline Operating Company (BPOC) has launched the charity gift donation program at “Social Work Centre of Can Tho city” (formerly “Center for Orphans and Dioxin infected children”). The delegation has awarded 7 gift boxes (containing old clothes, comic books and toys), 10 boxes of canned milk and fresh milk, 3 million VND in cash donated by the Trade Union, Union branch and Company.
The Union branch at grassroots level of PV Coating has supported Ba Ria – Vung Tau Blind Association 5 million VND for the live TV program "Light to the heart"; organizing the friendly football game with the football team of Quality Control - PTSC M&C – Main Contractor of of Su Tu Nau pipecoating project of PV Coating; implementing 2 youth projects (expected to be completed in 4/2014), in which the project at Block Youth Union level is ”Designing and manufacturing Field Joint heating coil”, and the project at PV Gas’ Youth Union level is “Designing and manufacturing Bend suspension beam”. The Union branch of PV Coating also mobilized youth, union members to buy the products from Centre for vocational training and employment for disabled youth with the value of 2 million VND.
The Union branch at grassroots level of Nam Con Son Gas Pipeline company has participated and coordinated in implementing the program “Green Saturday”, collecting waste surrounding the plant; organizing the origin returning trips and donating gifts to families under preferential treatment policy, scholarship to poor children in Ba Chu townlet, Tri Ton, An Giang with total amount of 56 million VND; awarding scholarship to studious poor children worth 30 million VND, visiting and awarding gifts to families under preferential treatment policy worth 7 million VND; visiting and donating poor and lonely households with over 16 million VND; supporting to typical poor youth cases with an amount of 3 million VND.                              




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