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Ca Mau Gas Company achieved gas production of 10 billion m3 on the 8th anniversary of its foundation year

At 01:00, June 26th, 2014, gas production of blocks PM3 & 46 – Cai Nuoc supplied to consumers (Ca Mau Power Plants No. 1 and 2 & Ca Mau Urea Plant) reached a record of 10 billion m3 from the date when first gas was supplied on-shore on April 29th, 2007. This achievement became more meaningful as it occurred on the 8th anniversary of the foundation of Ca Mau Gas Company (KCM) (July 03rd, 2006 – July 03rd, 2014).

Over the past 8 years, from being the youngest member of PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS), KCM has faced a lot of difficulties and challenges in conducting its business, such as: operational areas located in remote and rural regions; lacked initial infrastructures; difficulties in attracting highly qualified employees while gas industry is an industry with intensive use of modern technologies, high automation level, and many potential risks; PM3 gas taken from small fields and having poor quality requiring on platform processing technologies ( by Talisman), and suffered from frequent problems upstream; peak load gas mobilization regime with high difference between hours during the day and between rainy and dry seasons, etc. However, thanks to the recognized efforts of the whole staff, Ca Mau Gas Company has always accomplished all of assigned tasks excellently, ensuring an annual gas supply of nearly 2 billion m3 to the customers, and contributing to the production of 7% of total power production and 40% of urea production nationwide. Total accrued revenue in the last 8 years of the Company was 34.7 thousand billion dong and its contribution to the State Budget was 3.6 thousand billion dong. In spite of being the youngest member of PV GAS, the Company has been always highly regarded for its united staff, creativity at work, sense of responsibility, professional working environment, and promotion of the corporate culture in oil and gas sector.

Currently, KCM is acting as PV GAS’s representative to manage the gas pipeline system consisting of 298 km of off-short pipeline, 27 km of on-shore line, and 3 stations: landfall station, line block valve station, and Gas Distribution Center (GDC). Office of KCM is located at Khanh An Commune, U Minh District. Organizational structure of the Company includes the Board of Management and 6 functional departments with a total staff of 96 employees. Besides its main tasks, KCM is also the representative of PV GAS in coordinating with local authorities and Public Security of Ca Mau Province, and the Command of Border Guards in 6 Western provinces to perform the tasks of protecting the safety and security for gas works and carrying out social security programs in the Southwestern region.

The 8th birthday of KCM was also an opportunity for the staff to remember the memories in a family-warm but youth-lively atmosphere. This was also an event for everyone to review and evaluate what they had done and propose appropriate, suitable orientations for the next period. With initial achievements, the passion of young staff who are full of aspirations to contribute, and the unique corporate culture on basis of 4 core values: “professional – responsible – creative – connected”, each member of the Company feels so proud of and hopeful about a brighter future on the path of becoming the best group who are ready to excellently accomplish any assignment however challenging it may be.

PM3 gas production supplied to consumers from 2007 and estimated production in 2014



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