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A training course improves capacity of local maritime workers to prepare for LNG ship arrival and departure procedures

In October 2022, Petrovietnam Gas Vungtau Processing Company (PV GAS VT) worked with the Maritime Education and Human Resource Center (UT-STC), which is a joint venture between the University of Transport in HCMC and the Netherlands’ Rotterdam-based STC Group, the world-leading simulation training, to organize a professional training course on LNG ship arrival and departure procedures for officers in charge at BR – VT Province.

In the process of negotiation with Suppliers and LNG Ship Owners in the world to prepare for the first LNG import ship arrival of PV GAS in Vietnam, one of the contents discussed by the Suppliers/Owners in Vietnam is that the local maritime officers, who will be in charge of a LNG ship arrival or departure procedures, should be familiar with experiences and undergo training to be qualified to meet the international maritime regulations and standards for LNG ships.


This is also a content to evaluate and verify the capacity of the port in receiving LNG ships from major LNG Suppliers/Owners in the world such as Shell, Qatar Gas, Cheniere, etc. for PV GAS.

Coming from that real demand, PV GAS VT - the company assigned by PV GAS to train local maritime officers in charge in LNG ships arrival and departure procedure- organized a full mission bridge simulators training course for its officers who are outstanding pilots of Vung Tau Pilot Enterprise, Mooring Masters of MM Marine Co., Ltd., captains/chief officers of major tugboat suppliers in the region, Haivanship, Vina Logistics and Loading masters of PV GAS Vung Tau Terminal... The simulation is built on the model of LNG ships with a carrying capacity of 100,000 DWT expected to be dispatched by LNG Suppliers/Owners to deliver at the wharf which has been invested and built by PV GAS to be ready to receive ships for LNG import.

During the 3- day training course, the participants evaluated, identified, built and successfully run simulations for more than 20 scenarios of LNG ships arrival and departure procedures, providing solutions to ensure safety for the most optimal ship maneuvering plan. Successfully launching and running simulations of scenarios in almost all extreme and unfavorable weather conditions will help PV GAS/ PV GAS VT have many options to successfully receive LNG ships and exploit efficiently LNG 1 MMTPA warehouse of PV GAS in the upcoming time.

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