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Vung Tau Gas Processing Company completes its 2013 annual business plan ahead of schedule

By 24/11/2013, Vung Tau Gas Processing Company (KVT), a member of PV GAS, has completed its 2013 annual business targets. In specific, its dry gas output is 1,081.7 million cubic meters (2013 annual plan), representing 100.3% of the annual plan and expected to reach 1,190 million cubic meters by 31/12/2013, or 110% of the annual plan; LPG output 264.37/216 thousand tons, equal to 122.4% and expected to reach 286.14 thousand tons, or 132% by 31/12/2013; Bach Ho Condensate output 54.2/51 thousand tons, equal to 106.3% and expected to rise to 59.34 thousand tons or 116% by 31/12/2013.

In order to achieve those results, the company has taken measures to recover as much liquefied products as possible such as: ensuring safe and constant operation of gas facilities controlled by KVT, including Dinh Co Gas Processing Plant acting as the key role; maintaining the reliability of gas processing system at a high level (100%); optimally controlling the plant operations and assessing the recovery performance on daily basis for the purpose of maximum recovery of liquefied products; strictly controlling the quality of maximum recovered LPG products; implementing regular maintenance and repair of devices used for recovering liquefied products at the time of low gas flow onshore and shortening the time of accomplishment (well preparing for isolation, cleaning, reinforcing personnel at work etc); completing maintenance and repair ahead of schedule, coupled with applying technical innovation initiatives to assure early resumption of gas flow at the plant and fully recovering liquefied products during the downtime for 2013 maintenance and repair and producing nearly 1,200 tons of LPG and 210 tons of Condensate worth VND22 billion in total.


Kieu Yen (KVT)

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