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The youth of CNG Vietnam join hands for environmental protection

In part of the series of activities for the community in 2014, the Executive Board of Youth Union Branch of CNG Vietnam Joint Stock Company has launched the movement "Youths of CNG Vietnam joining hands for a green environment" with many practical activities, lasting throughout the year.

Recently, the Executive Board of Youth Union Branch completed the program collecting 100 signatures undertaking not to litter to the environment. This program attracted participation of a large number of Youth Union members and employees of the Company. The Executive Board of Youth Union Branch also launched and carried out such programs as: Youth Union members and employees going cycling to work every Friday; collecting garbage on Vung Tau beach on holidays; Going cycling with propaganda slogans about environmental protection around Vung Tau city; planting trees at the plant, cleaning up the living and working places, and so on.

With this small yet practical program, the Executive Board of Union Branch of CNG Vietnam wishes to join hands with the community in environmental protection for a greener - cleaner and more beautiful environment, and popularize the sense of environmental protection to all Union members, employees and local residents. By taking specific, practical and meaningful actions, the program has attracted the attention and response of many locals and tourists in the coastal Vung Tau city. In addition, the movement has also received attention from the local media. The program of the Youth of CNG Vietnam joining hands for a green environment was broadcast by Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province Television, as a young and nice message, contributing to encouraging the citizens to participate in environmental protection. 

Ngô Thị Kim Ngọc (CNG Việt Nam)

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