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The contest “The Petroleum Women with food culture”

In the afternoon of 15/5, in Vung Tau City, the Petroleum Trade Union held a contest “The Petroleum Women with food culture” aimed at celebrating President Ho Chi Minh’s 123rd birthday, congratulating the success of the Fifth Petroleum Trade Union Congress, and implementing 2013 plan of the Female Worker activities of the Industry.

The contest took place for the purpose of creating a useful playground for female employees to keep on improving their knowledge and skills on performing female domestic science as a cook of family. This was also an opportunity for the women of units within and outside the industry to meet, exchange points of view, strengthen the solidarity, and help each other progress.
In the contest, 28 teams prepared and set the table for 10 servings with value of VND 2 million, at least 5 delicious and nutrious dishes at reasonable price. In addition, dishes must contain the regional originality, be easy to popularize and apply, beautifully decorated, safe and hygienic.                             
PV GAS team’s core members were the participants who got high prizes in the PV Gas Cuisine Contest in March, 2013. With the theme “Sea flavour”, PV GAS team’s table was the picture of Vietnamese sea with specialties such as: fried oyster, salted shrimp, steamed grouper, seafood fried rice, seaweed soup. PV GAS team not only got the third prize, but also was in the list of teams completed at earliest time in the Contest.
Team leader Phan Thi Giang said: “Through the very prompt process of research and reference to food cuisine, PV GAS team selected meaningful dishes reminding of the sea which is closely attached to the Petroleum employees’ working conditions. The deep and loving sea also reminds us of our love for Uncle Ho, our solidarity and determination to build and protect the Country. The whole team was so busy taking part in the contest but really happy to have chance to exchange and learn experiences from other units of the Group and guests. Mr. Tran Van Tam – Chairman of PV Gas Trade Union, sisters in the Female Worker Committee, and friends in PV GAS all came to the site to cheer and motivate us. What a memorable day.”                            
On this occasion, the Female Worker Committee of PetroVietnam organized the periodical Briefing Meeting of Female Worker Activities in 2013. The Meeting briefed the Congress’s results and was fully aware of basic contents of the Resolution of the Fifth Executive Committee of PV Gas Trade Union; reported the result evaluation of PetroVietnam Female Worker activities in 2012 and the first quarter of 2013; reported the consolidation of the Female Worker Committee after units’ Trade Union Congress, the advantages, disadvantages, and proposals. The Meeting drived the 2013 emulation movements among female employees and signed the emulation commitments, etc. The Meeting also conducted a touched farewell to comrade Ha Duy Dinh, former President of PV Gas Trade Union, who contributed a lot to the development of the Petroleum Female Worker’s movements for many years. As part of activities at the Meeting and on the occasion of Vietnamese Workers’ Month, the Female Worker’s representatives of the Group and its units visited and gave saving books to three especially poor worker families at DMC, PET, PVC (Vung Tau).                           




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