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The Commission for Management of State Capital at Enterprises, the Party Committee of the Central Enterprise Division visits PV GAS

In the exciting atmosphere of the first working days in the 2022 Year of Tiger, on the afternoon of February 8, Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) was pleased and honored to welcome the delegation of the Commission for Management of State Capital at Enterprises, the Party Committee of the Central Enterprise Division and the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group visited and had a working session.

At the working session, on behalf of PV GAS Party Committee and Board of Directors, comrade Duong Manh Son reported the business results in 2021 and the 2022 plan of the Corporation. In 2021, despite facing many difficulties and severe challenges, especially the COVID-19 pandemic’s fourth wave, with great efforts and high determination of the whole political system, PV GAS gained many great achievements. Specifically: The Corporation maintained all activities and the growth speed; its LPG production and trade reached more than 2 million tons for the first time; and the highest revenue ever (more than VND 80,000 billion), the profit, the contribution to State budget were at the high level. It was the top unit with positive financial indicators in the Group (17% for ROE, 11% for ROA). The annual dividend rate was maintained at the high level (>25%/charter capital). The progress and efficiency of projects were guaranteed. It also kept jobs maintaining and took care of physical and spiritual life for its employees. The Party development continued to be paid attention to and gradually put into routine, leading to many great changes, in fact, continuously being the clean, strong and comprehensive Party Committee. The Corporation's role, position, potential, prestige and brand within the Group and in the Vietnam’s gas industry is increasingly being consolidated...



Speaking at the working session, comrade Le Manh Hung - Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, General Director of Petrovietnam praised and highly appreciated the results of production, business, governance, and the Party establishment at PV GAS over the years in general and in 2021 in particular; affirming the important role and great contributions of PV GAS to the Group's development and Vietnam's gas industry. He emphasized, in 2021, PV GAS contributed more than 20% of revenue, nearly 25% of profit and 8% of the whole Group’s contribution to the State budget. Besides in the fields of refining and petrochemicals and electricity, renewable energy, and gas industry, PV GAS is the main unit and one of the three pillars of the Group. Therefore, the great results that PV GAS achieved in the last years as well as 2021 gave great significance to the Group’s overall achievement.

The Group's General Director emphasized: The energy industry in general and the oil and gas industry in particular were entering the period of "intermittent balance"; the energy transition trend in the world, the process of rebuilding the order of energy supply on a global scale... would be huge challenges and risks for the oil and gas industry, including Petrovietnam and PV GAS. Therefore, in 2022 and next years, maintaining the growth rate of next year 10% higher than the previous year and towards sustainable development, besides the proposed solutions, PV GAS must pay special attention to the management of volatility and risk, and thoroughly grasped the Group's instruction on "Focusing on good internal governance, flexibly responding to markets outside".

Speaking to instruct at the working session, comrade Nguyen Hoang Anh - Member of the Party Central Committee, Chairman of the Commission for the Management of State Capital at Enterprises and comrade Nguyen Long Hai - Alternate Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Central Enterprise Division congratulated and praised the great results and achievements that the Party Committee and Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation have achieved over the years, especially 2021 filled with difficulties and challenges, making a great and practical contribution to state-owned enterprises to maintain the key position in the country’s economy. The achieved results create high spirit and determination for PV GAS to enter 2022 to achieve new goals.

The senior delegates and the entire meeting also witnessed comrade Hoang Van Quang - Member of the Board of Directors, General Director of PV GAS to announce the Launching Ceremony to deploy the 2022 production and business plan with the affirmation: PV GAS always makes unyielding efforts, is ready to face, and accept the necessary changes to survive and rise. With a sense of proactively seeking solutions to adapt and overcome difficulties and challenges, PV GAS has and will gain many significant achievements, deserving of its position as the outstanding energy enterprise leading Vietnam Oil and Gas Group and continuing to be the Flag of the Gas industry.

Along with the encouragement and close instruction of the Central-leveled leaders and the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, the Launching Ceremony created an exciting and energetic atmosphere for PV GAS. The whole PV GAS entered the new labor year with a new spirit of determination.


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