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Summary conference on “Outstanding, Creative Labour” Movement in Oil and Gas sector of Vietnam

Recently in Hanoi, PetroVietnam Trade Union has held the summary conference on “Outstanding, Creative Labour” Movement in Oil and Gas sector in the period 2007-2012.

The conference has praised 141 workers for achieving the title “Outstanding, Creative Labour” and 49 individuals for winning the Ho Chi Minh Award, representing more than 72,000 employees in the Oil and Gas sector. In the opening speech, Mr. Ha Duy Dinh, Chairman of PetroVietnam Trade Union said that, in the last 5 years, the Oil and Gas sector has seen outstanding, creative petroleum workers, had 258 scientific research projects, more than 1,400 initiatives, in which 739 initiatives were recognized technical advances and inventions, generating more than 52 million USD and 380 billion VND in profit. The “Outstanding, Creative Labour” movement was promoted in line with the Oil and Gas sector, which has always taken the leading position in accepting advanced technology and science of the world, and creatively applying them in the oil and gas exploration, production and processing.                         
At the conference, praised examples of PV Gas included: Bui Tuong Dinh, Le Tat Thang, Vuong Khai Giang, Nguyen Minh Tuan, Tran Tuan Khai, Tran Nhat Huy, Trieu Minh Tu, Phan Thi Ngoc Ha, Tran Van Tan. PV Gas has also contributed nearly 500 initiatives/solutions at Trade Union level, 86 initiatives/solutions recognized at PV Gas level, in which 3 initiatives/solutions were recognized at PetroVietnam level, 5 initiatives won credit certificates from PetroVietnam and 6 initiatives won the Creative Contest Festival award of the Oil and Gas sector.
Achievements in the “Outstanding, Creative Labour” movement of the gas and oil sector have become a cultural beauty, a factor with decisive contribution to the present appearance and stature of PetroVietnam, as vividly and clearly reflected in the leadership, directions of various generations of leaders of General Department of Petroleum, Vietnam Oil and Gas Corporation and the present Vietnam Oil and Gas Group. At the same time, this has demonstrated the pro-activeness and creativity of various levels of Trade Union in association with enterprise management levels to organize diversified forms of competition suitable to characteristics of their units. Accordingly, it helped stable production and yielded practical benefits to employees, the company and the country.
As a young creative leader of Vietnam gas and oil sector, Director of PV Gas Ca Mau, Tran Nhat Huy said: “It's important to discover new things which are more superior than old things. The career passion coupled with patience, responsibility is an important factor, but requires basic knowledge to have good initiatives”.
Addressing the conference, Mr. Phung Dinh Thuc, Chairman of PetroVietnam has praised achievements in the outstanding, creative labour movement of labourers in the oil and gas sector in recent years. He affirmed that such praised initiatives/solutions have made important contribution to the development of Vietnam oil and gas sector, remarkably contributing to the creative labour movement of the whole country.
Mr. Phung Dinh Thuc has expressed his hope that in the coming time, PetroVietnam Trade Union would keep encouraging labourers to further promote the labour creativity, contributing to successful implementation of the development speeding strategy of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group.

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