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PV GAS Trade Union organizes an online contest of "Learning PV GAS culture"

To celebrate the 32nd anniversary of Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS)’s the establishment (September 20, 1990 - September 20, 2022), PV GAS Trade Union organized an online "Learning PV GAS culture" contest.

The contest aimed to introduce and disseminate the historical tradition, the process of establishment, construction and growth; the achievements and outstanding milestones in the 32 years of PV GAS establishment and development to continue arousing pride and promoting its staff’s sense of responsibility in the entire Corporation.


With the above purpose and meaning, the quiz was designed with nearly 200 questions about the following topics: Understanding the process of the Corporation’s establishment, construction and development, position, role, function, and duties; PV GAS achievements and outstanding milestones during its 32-year establishment (1990 - 2022) and the Corporation's development orientation in the upcoming time; PV GAS corporate culture; Personnel (Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Directors over time, changes in personnel, number of departments/units, organizational chart...); and Political and social organizations (Party, Trade Union, Youth Union, CCB Association, Women's Union, etc.)

Candidates in the contest did multiple choice tests (choosing the correct answers) on the computer. The contest has lasted from July 28 to September 14. Contestants were all trade union members and leaders, as well as employees of PV GAS. The period between July 28 and August 30 was to prepare and set up the organizers, issue regulatory provision, draft, supplement, and make comments for the questionnaire, complete quiz questions, practice and take mock tests. The official period for doing multiple choice tests has been prolonging between August 31 and September 9. In September 12-14, the Organizers will evaluate the results and announce them.

PV GAS Trade Union will make a decision to reward collectives and individuals who will win the contest and praise them at the 32nd Anniversary Ceremony of Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation’s establishment.

PV GAS Trade Union proposes its Departments, Centers under the Executive Office, project management boards, and units under the Corporation to disseminate and encourage their employees and union members to actively join and complete the contest excellently.

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