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PV GAS to be glorified with VIFOTEC 2023 awards

47 scientific projects have just been glorified with Vietnam Fund for Supporting Technological Creation (VIFOTEC) 2023 Awards. Two units under Petrovietnam Gas Corporation (PV GAS), namely the PV GAS South East Transmission Company (PV GAS SE) and PV GAS Ca Mau Company (PV GAS CA MAU), had the honor of this category.

Two PV GAS units were recognized at VIFOTEC 2023 event

At the event, PV GAS SE was among the list to receive VIFOTEC Encouragement Prizes, with the project "Solution for controlling the quality of gas and condensate in Thien Ung, and managing the two-phase pipeline system of Nam Con Son 2" aimed at environmental protection and optimal resource use. The authors and collaborators of this project included Nguyen Thanh Minh, Tran Huy Thuc, Nguyen Phuong Cao, Nguyen Vy, Ho Xuan Lam, Bui Tan Hung and Tran Anh Khoa. The project had high applicability within Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (Petrovietnam) as well as in the long term operation of multiphase pipelines of PV GAS, helping to save over 21 billion VND, excluding that during the shutdown of the Dinh Co Gas Processing Plant due to the lack of a suitable liquid control plan, as well as the benefits of proactive mobilization of maximum gas sources from TU-DH and SV-DN, contributing to not only increased revenue and profits but also solving urgent issues regarding the national energy demand during peak dry seasons, and especially in key economic areas of Southern Vietnam.

PV GAS SE was honored with Encouragement 


Moreover, reducing flaring due to off-spec gas processing was also a point worth noticing when the project was taken into consideration as it helped conserve national resources significantly, especially in the context of declining domestic sources and environmental pollution. 

PV GAS CA MAU was also among the category

PV GAS CA MAU was awarded the VIFOTEC Encouragement Prize for the project "Optimization solution for energy consumption of the Ca Mau Gas Processing Plant (GPP Ca Mau),", whose authors were Nguyen Quoc Thang, Nguyen Thanh Thinh, Nguyen Thanh Tan, Pham Van Hiep, Ho Nguyen, Huynh Van Luan, Nguyen Hai Phuong, and Tran Thanh Minh. They proposed three solutions including: Improving adsorbent use to reduce Fuel Gas and electricity consumption at GPP Ca Mau; Amending the operation mode of the Residue Gas Compressor (RGC) to save electricity; and Rehabilitating the X-4314 nitrogen production system. The trio had been applied in long-term production, bringing a total economic value of over 8 billion VND.

These solutions also contributed to saving national electricity resources, as well as reducing the consumption of electricity generated from fossil fuels, and thereby emissions with nearly 4,000 tons of CO2.

Along with the 2 projects of PV GAS, the Oil and Gas industry had 5 other scientific and technological projects that won VIFOTEC 2023 Awards. In total, there were 3 Third Prizes and 4 Encouragement Prizes.

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