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PV GAS to accept handover of Thi Vai LNG terminal and Thi Vai – Phu My LNG pipeline from EPC contractor.

On  August 1st, after successfully completing the Performance Run Test of Thi Vai LNG Terminal, PV GAS held a conference with the attendance of Samsung C&T, PTSC and Alpha ECC, aimed at the current status of the terminal for further Reliability Run Test. The meeting was a testament to PV GAS’ tremendous determination and effective collaboration with the main contractor and related units to bring its LNG value chain from concept to reality.

Thi Vai LNG Terminal is a pivotal project of PV GAS as well as the entire Vietnam Oil and Gas industry. The project was officially commenced on October 28, 2019, and had gone through a construction process with numerous challenges. Nevertheless, the Vietnam’s state-controlled entity managed to put it into commissioning on July 10 and successfully concluded the phase on July 30, 2023.

Mr. Tran Nhat Huy's speech on the Handover Acceptance of Thi Vai LNG Terminal and Thi Vai - Phu My LNG Pipeline from the EPC Contractor 


At the gathering, PV GAS Project Management Company (DAK) declared its responsibilities had been fulfilled and handed over the operational management of Thi Vai LNG Terminal and Thi Vai Low-pressure Gas Distribution Station to PV GAS Vung Tau Processing Company (KVT). Meanwhile, that of Thi Vai – Phu My LNG pipeline was officially transferred to PV GAS South East Transmission Company (KDN). The two units would take responsibility for their assigned duties to ensure the safe, continuous and efficient operation of the official LNG value chain expectedly in H2/2023.

PV GAS Vung Tau Processing Company to be handed over the operational management of Thi Vai LNG Terminal and Thi Vai Low-pressure Gas Distribution Station 


In their congratulatory speech and giving the lead for the next steps, Mr. Truong Hong Son – member of PV GAS’ BOD, and Mr. Tran Nhat Huy – Vice President, expressed that the commissioning completion nearly 3 days ahead of schedule strongly demonstrated the initial success of the entire value chain, despite numerous difficulties and challenges, especially amidst Covid-19 pandemic. The company had been able to satisfy all criteria and requirements, ensuring absolute safety in terms of personnel and equipment throughout the commissioning. The amount of gas used for purging tanks and pipeline was only slightly over 30% of the planned. Consequently, these results had proven that the LNG value chain was deployed and executed precisely, meeting all quality, safety, and cost-saving standards. With its advantages in infrastructure, customers, skilled management, and rich experience, PV GAS had affirmed its leading capability and sole position in the LNG sector in Vietnam.

The management of Thi Vai – Phu My LNG pipeline was officially transferred to PV GAS South East Transmission Company 

In line with that, PV GAS conveyed their sincere gratitude to the EPC contractor, the consortium of Samsung C&T and PTSC, as well as to the first customers, PetroVietnam Low Pressure Gas Distribution Joint Stock Company and CNG Vietnam Joint Stock Company. The corporation also greatly appreciated the resolute guidance and dedicated support from Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam – PVN), Central Ministries and Local Authorities.

With a favorable location along Cai Mep – Thi Vai hectic maritime route making it well-suited for receiving LNG carriers, PV GAS' Thi Vai LNG Terminal has become the largest and most modern LNG complex in Vietnam, capable of receiving LNG vessels of up to 100,000 DWT. The terminal has got an initial capacity of 1 million tons per annum (MTPA) in Phase 1, with an upgrade to 3 MTPA in Phase 2. Additionally, it features a truck loading station, Thi Vai – Phu My LNG pipeline, a Low-pressure Gas Distribution Station and so on that fully comply with domestic and international standards and regulations, as well as safety operation requirements and have undergone rigorous Due Diligence sessions from reputable LNG suppliers. PV GAS has received high praise for its attention to detail, feasibility, and seamless integration throughout every operational phase.

Mr. Truong Hong Son congratulated on the successful commissioning of Thi Vai LNG Terminal


Thi Vai LNG Terminal will be a crucial part in ensuring a consistent supply for power plants as per the approved PDP8. It is expected to supplement approximately 1.4 BCM of gas for consumption and compensate for part of the domestic gas shortage after 2023.

With the investment in the construction of the LNG Son My Terminal with a total projected capacity of up to 10 MTPA, PV GAS' LNG infrastructure will fundamentally meet the energy demand for the Southern region in the future.

PV GAS to be realizing the aspirations for the "green shift"

As of now, PV GAS is the first and only enterprise in Vietnam to conduct LNG import and business activities. By realizing the aspirations for the "green shift", PV GAS and PVN have asserted their important roles in Vietnam's new energy strategy and will actively partner with the Government to achieve net-zero by 2050.

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