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PV GAS Table tennis Festival 2014

In the joyful and exciting atmosphere of celebrating the liberation day of 30th April, the International Labor Day 1st May, the 60th Anniversary of Dien Bien Phu Victory, the 124th Anniversary of Ho Chi Minh President's Birthday, in the morning of 30th April 2014, at the table tennis club at 101 Le Loi, Vung Tau City, PV GAS' Trade Union successfully organized the PV GAS Table Tennis Cup - 2014.

Approximately 50 players from PV GAS subsidiaries participated in this tournament. The tournament included following events:
Men's singles class A: participants were players with high achievements in previous years and players who will participate in the 2014 Table Tennis Festival of Oil and Gas Industry in Southern regions.
Men's singles class B: participants were players without any achievement in previous tournaments.
Men's doubles: no ranking required.
Participants from diversified rankings played enthusiastically and determinedly. Participants included young men under 30 years old, some around 60, even long-time retirees also enthusiastically took in. Especially, a female player competed with other male players first time and achieved a high result; that was Ms. Tran Nguyen Ha, who won the second prize in doubles event. Most of the matches took place excitingly and aggressively from beginning till end.
Results of the Tournament:                                 
First Prize of Men's singles class A: Khong Van Cuong (PV GAS SE)
Second Prize of Men's singles class A: Tran Van Tam (Operational Divisions)
Joint Third Prize: Nguyen Xuan Giang (PV GAS South) + Nguyen Van Mau (PV GAS SE)


First Prize of Men's singles class B: Nguyen Van Khai (PV GAS Services)
Second Prize of Men's singles class B: Ho Dien Bao (PV GAS SE)
Joint Third Prize: Ninh Xuan Thai (PV GAS Services) + Nguyen Anh Tu (PV GAS VT)                                  

First Prize of Men's doubles: Khong Van Cuong (PV GAS SE) + Le Hong Cuong (PMB of PV GAS SE)
Second Prize of Men's doubles: Tran Van Tam (Operational Divisions) + Tran Nguyen Ha (PV GAS SE)
Joint Third Prize: Nguyen Ha An (PV GAS D) + Dao Xuan Thu (PV GAS VT) & Nguyen Trong Huyen (Retiree) + Ho Dien Bao (PV GAS SE)                                

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