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PV Gas sports festival - 2012

In celebration of the National Day, the 37th anniversary of Vietnam Oil and Gas Industry, the 22nd anniversary of PV Gas and to celebrate the Trade Union Congress tenure 2012 – 2017 of PV Gas, the Trade Union organization of PV Gas held the Sports Festival 2012 in 2 days September 15-16, 2012 in Vung Tau City.


Attending the Festival are 17 teams from 17/19 Trade Union divisions under PV Gas’s Union with more than 400 athletes who are Union members – employees of PV Gas over the country. At the Festival, the teams competed in football, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, tennis, golf and marathon to win awards in various categories for team, couples and individuals of all ages.

Especially, in the morning of September 15, more than 400 athletes joined the companion walking program titled “PV Gas joining hands for the environment” to call for local residents of Vung Tau City and the entire employees of PV Gas to further strengthen protection and reservation activities for a green, clean and beautiful environment for sustainable development.

In the opening speech, Mr. Tran Van Tam – Chairman of PV Gas Trade Union, Head of the Organizing Committee – had emphasized: In recent years, PV Gas Trade Union and its affiliated Unions always paid attention to sports activities for employees in order to positively build up a cultural, cheerful and healthy life for employees to work effectively and contribute to the sustainable development of PV Gas.
PV Gas Sports Festival 2012 is one of the key events in response to “The Petroleum Cultural Week” annually launched by PVN and is a major contribution to the construction and implementation of the Corporate Culture - a prerequisite business renovation content. In implementing instructions from the Group, PV Gas has built a responding plan of actions which specially focus on promoting the movements and central projects, successfully implementing the business and production tasks in 2012; structuring practical activities associated with production tasks, creating a cheerful and united atmosphere; practicing savings against waste; and promoting social welfare activities.
PV Gas Sports Festival 2012 is a great event facilitating the improvement of PV Gas Corporate Culture; promoting health competitions in order to create a cheerful and united atmosphere among the parent company and its member companies. Each sport competition has own drastic and emulative nature. Each achievement helps reaffirm the determination of all employees of PV Gas, and it once again confirms that: PV Gas has developed the extensive sports movement with many exciting activities and various types of competitions; actively organized, participated and gained awards in Sports events, contests, tournaments at grassroots, industry, provincial and national levels respectively. PV Gas is always ranked in the top sports members of the Group.

In the spirit of: “Determination, winning, unification and confidence”, the Festival has successfully ended and recorded many new achievements of the young – healthy – dynamic – determined labor force of PV Gas.
As for Northern area, the Trade Union of PV Gas has assigned the Sports – Culture Company in collaboration with PV Gas City and PV Gas North to organize the competitions in Ha Noi (not participating in Southern area), to save the organizing costs while ensuring the rights of Union members.


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