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PV GAS Safety - Health - Environment Conference in 2022: gas systems at PV GAS are 100% reliable for many consecutive years

Practically responding to Workers' Month – the action month on occupational safety and health in 2022 launched by the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group and the Union to evaluate the management of security, safety - health - environment in 2021 as well as the first quarter of 2022 and to set the implementation direction in 2022, Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) organized the Safety - Health - Environment (SHE) Conference on May 21.

The Safety - Health - Environment Conference of PV GAS was an important task in its annual plan on safety, hygiene, and labour. This was also the great conference on safety activities to raise the level of occupational SHE performance in line with development trends, and to propose practical issues arising from working in the Gas Industry to managers.

In the opening speech, Mr. Hoang Van Quang, CEO of PV GAS emphasized: "The organizers want the Conference to be the forum to exchange openly and frankly, sharing practical ideas for continuous improvement and the improved quality in Safety - Health - Environment management at the Corporation and all affiliated units as well as members; contributing to ensuring the sustainable development of PV GAS.”

Both PV GAS and the whole industry as well as the entire country faced the special difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, thanks to the attention and instruction of the leaders at all levels and the efforts of all employees at the Corporation, the SHE performance was well maintained, with remarkable results:

The COVID-19 prevention and control was carried out proactively at both the Corporation and its affiliated units/members. The operation of gas works was always guaranteed to be safe, continuous and efficient; providing maximum gas output. PV GAS completed the turnaround maintenance and repair activities during the shutdown of the PM3 - Ca Mau, Cuu Long, NCSP, Ham Rong - Thai Binh gas systems in 2021. Gas systems were put into safe operation earlier than scheduled; contributing to the profit of nearly VND5 billion by shortening the time for maintenance and repair, and gas reception earlier than schedules.

Safety activities in construction and investment, especially the Thi Vai LNG Project, and the Thi Vai - Phu My LNG pipeline, were strictly carried out, closely coordinated with construction and installation contractors to deploy projects amid COVID-19 outbreak’s complex evolution; Project progress was maintained in an urgent manner.

The process safety management system has gradually been set up at the Corporation and its operators of key gas works. This was an important step in completing and upgrading the SHE management system at PV GAS.

Thanks to good maintenance and repair, the reliability of gas work’s equipment was maintained at a high level; All four gas systems of Cuu Long, Nam Con Son, PM3 - Ca Mau and Ham Rong - Thai Binh did not have any incidents causing gas shutdown. The four gas systems at PV GAS have been 100 per cent reliable for four consecutive years. This was a very important result, contributing to supplying gas maximum for customers.

Striving to continue achieving new victories in 2022, PV GAS fully uses all resources, emulates to exceed the set targets of the 2022 plan, and maintains safe operation, efficiency and security of gas works.

On behalf of the Group and superior leaders, Mr. Le Xuan Huyen, Deputy General Director of Petrovietnam, instructed to continue achieving and exceeding the targets and tasks in 2022, PV GAS needs to continue paying close attention to SHE performance, ensuring adequate supply of resources for this activity; actively and proactively preventing pandemics and taking care of employees; Deeply developing safety culture in line with high-tech development; focusing on emulation movements;…

On behalf of PV GAS leaders, Mr. Hoang Van Quang said that PV GAS safety culture will always be maintained and developed during production and business; PV GAS actively shares information, seeks support, and coordinates with other partners. In this Conference, the SHE performance will be communicated to people who have the highest responsibility, spreading to each unit and every employee at PV GAS, ensuring sustainability and stability, and developing PV GAS in line with the chosen path.

The PV GAS SHE Conference also awarded 14 collectives and 33 employees with the outstanding achievements in the COVID-19 prevention and control, the maintenance of safe and effective production and business, as well as construction and investment in 2021.

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