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PV GAS’ President & CEO Reviews PV GAS Ca Mau Company’s 8-month Performance, Gives Directions towards End of 2023

PV GAS’ President and CEO, Mr. Pham Van Phong, recently chaired a working session with PV GAS Ca Mau Company (KCM) regarding its 8-month performance as well as directions for the last 4 months of 2023.

Mr. Pham Van Phong chaired a working session with KCM


General Director of KCM, Mr. Nguyen Van Be Ba and its seniors reported on the production and business performance in the first 8 months of the 2023, and outlined key tasks for the remaining ones. Additionally, current challenges and obstacles were under discussions, followed by proposed recommendations to the leadership of PV GAS.

Mr. Nguyen Van Be Ba with other key officials of KCM 


As of August 2023, KCM had 196 permanent staff members with an average age of 33.8. Those with university degrees or higher education levels made up 81.2% of the workforce, meeting the requirements for expertise.

The gas production brought ashore had been 1.178 billion Sm3 while that of LPG and Condensate had reached respectively 82.57 and 4.26 thousand tons. The three had successively achieved 96%, 106% and 99.7% of what was planned. Moreover, the company had accomplished Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Program for PM3 Ca Mau Pipeline and Ca Mau Gas Processing Plant (GPP), making the two able to deliver gas ahead of schedule by 61 hours, with 2.22 million Sm3 of early gas supply, equivalent to transportation revenue of VND 1.85B. The management and regular maintenance of technological equipment and pipelines had been well-executed. This helped remain the system's reliability, safety and continuous gas supply readiness at 100%. 

With a unified determination, and the collective efforts of KCM's leadership and workforce, they committed to fulfilling the key tasks in the last 4 months of 2023 and complete 100% of the targets for business performance, HSSE and O&M.

Discussions were conducted with a lot of ideas and recommendations 


At the conclusion of the session, PV GAS leadership requested KCM to maintain system control to ensure readiness for receiving, producing, and supplying gas and gas products at a high level when there is increased demand, optimize its resources and costs, as well as strive to complete all the annual targets set by PV GAS. KCM should also proactively coordinate with the authorities to prioritize the mobilization of gas for power generation in the Ca Mau region, while considering developing new projects to efficiently utilize existing infrastructure, and expand services in areas of strength, and new products in line with the energy transition trend. 


Mr. Pham Van Phong highly appreciated KCM’s leadership and employees for their contributions


Especially, Mr. Pham Van Phong called on KCM and relevant functional departments/units’ collaboration on the plan for the renovation of Ca Mau GPP to adapt to new requirements. The company was asked to act as the forefront of PV GAS in the Southwest region in the process of updating local energy development trends related to LNG and wind power.


 KCM was asked to act as the forefront of PV GAS in the Southwest region
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