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PV GAS PMC completed PMC RUN - STEP BY STEP running contest

To welcome the Congress of Trade Unions at all levels, "PMC RUN - Step by Step" running contest was organized in an online format, taking place over 21 days, starting from 00:01 on June 5, 2023 to 00:01 on June 26, 2023. This was a sports activity dedicated to all PMC’s employees, aiming to be part of the movement of "The whole nation exercising to follow the great example of Uncle Ho."

PMC teams were cheerful on the launch day of PMC RUN - Step by Step running contest.

With the participation of 72 employees (accounting for 84% of the total PMC workforce), divided into 6 teams: P (Phong cách – Stylish), M (Mạnh mẽ – Strong), C (Chuyển động – Non-stop), R (Rạng rỡ – Shining), U (Uyển chuyển – Elastic) and N (Năng động – Energetic), the total distance achieved was nearly 8,000 km (in which a record-breaking runner completed over 250 km). Each employee who completed the registered distance received a virtual completion certificate as a token of recognition for their personal efforts in overcoming the challenges in physical exercise.

The online recording system allowed runners to train at different locations and times.

Despite the busyness during the commissioning period of Thị Vải LNG Terminal Project, as well as the final preparations for PV GAS Mass Arts Festival to welcome the Congress of Trade Unions for the term 2023-2028, PMC members still participated in the running event with the effort to achieve or even exceed the set targets of physical exercise.

PMC leaders also set a leading example in the training movement, encouraging employees to strive in their work and live a healthy and joyful life.


This meaningful 21-day journey not only helped employees to take up sporty habits but also to create memorable moments for each individual. It strengthened the solidarity and bond among runners and teams, fostering mutual support and sharing experiences to achieve outstanding results. The organizers strongly believed that after the running contest, employees would continue to maintain running activities to build a healthy, united, and energetic PV GAS PMC community.

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