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PV GAS photo contest: "The Beauty within People in PV GAS Trade Unions"

As part of the series of activities to celebrate the 4th Congress of PV GAS Trade Union (term 2023 – 2028), the photo contest "The Beauty within People in PV GAS Trade Unions" carried practical significance in showing everyone the image and culture of the company. Nearly 500 photographs of over 120 authors’ from affiliated trade unions were all artworks to be honored, brimmed with “Fueling Values to Life” spirit, affirming and strengthening the tradition of photography activities that have existed and well-developed at PV GAS.

Mr. Tran Xuan Thanh, Chairman of PV GAS Trade Union, emotionally expressed: "When organizing the Photo Contest, the Trade Union did not expect such high-quality submissions. In just 2 months since the launch of the Contest, the Organizing Committee received nearly 500 photos from over 120 authors with enthusiastic participation and valuable artistic efforts. The Organizing Committee and the Contest's judges would like affirm that the photo contest "The Beauty within People in PV GAS Trade Unions" organized by PV GAS Trade Union so far has been a great success."


Mr. Tran Xuan Thanh, Chairman of PV GAS Trade Union, affirmed that the "The Beauty within People in PV GAS Trade Unions" photo contest organized by PV GAS Trade Union had been a great success.

The judges, consisting of experienced photographers and communication experts, unanimously and harmoniously selected nearly 200 photos for the preliminary round and further chose 34 award-winning ones.

The works that won Special Prize, First Prize, and Second Prize are highly appreciated in terms of strongly expressing correctly the life of PV GAS’s employees in many perspectives with an excellent language of photography. The authors succeeded in demonstrating a solid grasp of photographic techniques and exhibiting a thoughtful use of lighting and composition. The Third Prize and Honorable Mention photos were also worthy of recognition in this competition. In addition to their aesthetic qualities, these photographs also conveyed significant content values and exemplify the theme of the contest.

However, due to the limited photography skills of many authors, they still had a lot of areas for improvement. Many were said to lack dynamism, uniqueness, and artistic use of light and composition. The entire collection of 500 photos was not yet a comprehensive "report" to reflect all aspects of the activities of the Trade Union and employees of PV GAS. The feedback served as a guideline for the next season of the contest.

Ms. Luong Thi Hong Nhung, Head of the Publicity and Education Department and Women’s Affairs Committee, along with PV GAS’s leaders, congratulated the individual award-winning authors.


Mr. Tran Xuan Thanh expressed his strong belief: "The greatest insight we draw from this is that photography competitions need to be organized regularly. Moreover, it is crucial to organize activities and training classes, and provide basic photography knowledge to a large number of employees in each unit. If we are guided on how to use cameras and take good quality photos and enhance photo editing skills, I believe that PV GAS’s library will become of great help for us to promote our image and brand to everyone. Also, the next competition will come in more professionally".


The highest award-winning works in the photo contest

Congratulations to the three affiliated trade unions that received the Group Awards

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