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PV GAS Party Committee reviews works in 2020, deploying tasks in 2021

Following the instruction of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group’s Party Committee and implementing the 2020 working program of Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation’s Party Committee, the latter on January 13, 2021 organized a conference to review the Party's works in 2020 and to deploy working instruction and tasks in 2021.  

At the conference, the draft Report on the results of the tasks in 2020, orientation for works in 2021; Draft Resolution on the leadership in the implementation of production and business tasks in 2021 of the Corporation’s Party Committee; Draft Working Program in 2021 of the Corporation's Party Executive Committee were presented.

With the urgent, serious, democratic and solidarity working spirit, comrades of the Party Executive Committee and other ones attending the Conference showed high sense of responsibility, discussed democratically and straightforwardly and contributed many enthusiastic, intellectual and relevant opinions to the reports. The Party Standing Committee and the Executive Committee have accepted most of delegates’ reasonable comments; The Conference highly unanimously approved the reports.

On this occasion, the Corporation’s Party Committee also awarded certificates of merit from the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group’s Party Committee to its outstanding collectives and individuals.

Speaking at the Conference, Comrade Pham Quang Dung - Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, Chief of the Party Committee of the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group- on behalf of the Group’s Party Committee- instructed a number of key tasks in 2021 and the 2021-2025 period, and emphasized patriotic emulation movements towards the XIII National Party Congress in the 2020 – 2025 period.

Concluding the Conference, Comrade Duong Manh Son - Member of the Standing Committee of the Group’s Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee, Member of the Director Board, PV GAS General Director- summarized the main contents and emphasized some more issues to unify in leadership and instruction to carry out political tasks and Party building work in 2021. Thereby he required the entire Party Committee to regularly maintain high determination, correct actions, timely solutions; proactively and drastically lead; to instruct and organize the synchronous implementation of appropriate and effective guidelines, policies and response measures; to well carry out the Resolution on leadership in the implementation of production and business tasks in 2021 of the Corporation’s Party Committee, Party building targets and tasks that the Conference approved; to continue building a sustainably developed, clean and strong Party Committee of the Corporation, to take care of the best life for its employees, and to continuously  contribute to the development of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group and Vietnam's gas industry.

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