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PV GAS organizes a ceremony to launch business and production plan in 2021

After New Year holidays, Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS)’s all staff on January 4 in 2021 began the first working day of new year with high determined spirit. At PV GAS Tower in HCM City, a ceremony to launch business and production plan in 2021 was held.

The meeting in the first day of the new year was organized in a joyful atmosphere, when 2020-a particularly difficult year- ended. PV GAS as well as the entire Vietnam Oil and Gas Industry experienced severe changes caused by COVID-19 outbreak and impacts of economic crisis and global oil prices. The 2020 year witnessed PV GAS to be resilient in efforts and willing to cope and accept necessary changes to survive and thrive. With a sense of proactively and vigorously seeking adaptive solutions to overcome difficulties and challenges, PV GAS exceeded most of targets of production and business plans in 2020, became an outstanding Energy enterprise which leads the Group, and continued to be the leading flag of the Gas industry.   

Following that success, in the new year of 2021, PV GAS will continue to boldly set new goals to maintain stability and develop sustainably, to obtain new achievements and to affirm its leading position.

Speaking to start the launching ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Sinh Khang - Chairman of PV GAS Board of Directors emphasized: “Looking back at the old year and towards the future is each person’s common philosophy in the first working day of the new year. PV GAS organized the launching ceremony to implement the business and production plan in 2021 to continue developing the achievements of 2020 and past years, overcoming difficulties and challenges in 2021, promoting the Hero unit’s tradition, actively implementing synchronous solutions to successfully achieve the goals and plans assigned by the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, contributing to achieving the Group's overall development goals in 2021.”

Following the program, Mr. Duong Manh Son - the Corporation’s Secretary of Party Committee and General Director- delivered a speech to promote PV GAS 'spirit in 2021 and the following years. Comrade Duong Manh Son emphasized: “None better than you, workers in the PV GAS common house have understood that it is more difficult and challenging than expectation. However, instead of being discouraged and wavered; with the spirit of Vietnam, as well as the entire industry, PV GAS step by step achieved a 2020 with new successes, maintained and developed its profile, affirming its capacity - intelligence - creativity - solidarity to make a great impression in almost every aspect of labor - production - business, and to celebrate 30 years of establishment and development. Besides the efforts of the leaders, officers, party members, and employees, PV GAS also received the guidance and support from the Government, ministries and agencies, Commission for the Management of State Capital at Enterprises, and Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group; active and smooth coordination and support from units inside and outside the industry; the companionship, support and trust of partners, customers and shareholders."

On behalf of the Corporation’s leaders, PV GAS General Director Duong Manh Son called on all its employees and organizations to raise a sense of responsibility, to cherish opportunities, to overcome all difficulties and challenges, to steadily develop on a new path, firstly to strive to fulfill and exceed the planned tasks in 2021- the first year of implementing the resolution of the Corporation’s the 10th Party Congress, to welcome the XIII National Party Congress with specific contents, especially focusing on three core solutions of "Personnel Work", "Market" and "Policy Mechanism".

Speaking at the launching ceremony of PV GAS, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Anh - Chairman of Commission for the Management of State Capital at Enterprises and Mr. Pham Tien Dung - Deputy General Director of Petrovietnam commended PV GAS for the respectful achievements of 2020 as well as nearly 30 years of hard working and wholehearted efforts of PV GAS’ entire Party Committee, the Board of Directors and employees; persistence, and creativity to achieve successes. The leaders expressed gratitude to PV GAS generations of leaders and employees for continuing their enthusiasm and spirit of development to turn PV GAS into the leading flag of the Group, creating effective contributions, bringing Vietnam Oil and Gas Group to its leading position among state-owned corporations, honoring the glorious image of the Oil and Gas industry.

The Commission for the Management of State Capital at Enterprises as well as Petrovietnam are always ready to support, facilitate and put their trust in PV GAS; believe that PV GAS will be successful and continue to be one of the leading units of the Group as well as of the national Gas industry.

Dances and songs made the launching ceremony more joyful to celebrate 2021. The whole PV GAS entered the new working year with a new determined spirit.

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