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PV Gas organized laborer conference, summary of production and business operations in 2012 - deployment of plans in 2013

PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation organized the “Laborer Conference – Summary of production and business operations in 2012 and deployment of plans in 2013” on December 18th, 2012 in Ho Chi Minh City. This is the first Laborer Conference of the year in the whole Vietnam Oil and Gas industry.                                           
At the conference, PV Gas made the report on the Summary of production and business operations in 2012, plans for 2013; the progress of Collective labor agreement implementation, Working regulations, Democracy regulations of the Company; the competition and reward summarization in 2012; the use of Welfare and reward fund in 2012 and plans for 2013; received and answered questions from Laborer conference of the units; presented the speech of the typical units; carried out the vote of confidence for key officers of the Corporation, etc. The ceremony of rewarding emulation title by the Government, Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, Vietnam Oil and Gas Group to the exemplary units and individuals also took place at the Corporation.


  For the purpose of performing the plans for 2013 successfully, Mr. Tran Van Tam, the Chairman of PV Gas Trade Union made the speech to spark the emulation movement for 2013. The representatives of the units of PV Gas mutually agreed to enter into the agreement on performing the emulation movement successfully in the witness of the delegates and leaders of the Corporation.
At the conference, Mr. Do Van Hau, President and CEO of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group strongly asserted the endeavors and outstanding achievements of PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation in 2012, emphasized the highest sales and profits of PV Gas since its establishment and its role as one of the leading units of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (PVN) as well as in the stock market in terms of profit, significantly contributing to the National budget, and along with PVN contributing to the stability of the state’s macroeconomics. With the purpose of outer development of Gas industry, considerably contributing to the growth of Oil and Gas industry and intensifying the country’s industrialization – modernization, Mr. Do Van Hau showed the strong belief of PVN that the leaders, officers and the entire employees will continue to grow their solidarity in order to develop sustainably in new period with new achievements. In the speech of receiving the guidance of the seniors, the leaders of PV Gas showed their deep gratitude to the close care by and guidance of the leadership levels of the Government, ministries, departments, local authorities and Oil and Gas industry who made right decisions and great support to help the Corporation perform the assigned tasks excelently. Entering the year 2013 – the next stage of the last five-year plan (2011 - 2015) of PV Gas development strategy – with many changes in enterprise restructuring, the leaders of PV Gas assured their high spirit of co-agreement and cooperation, drastically making renovation and setting new benchmarks of PV Gas and Gas indsutry in new period.                                          
The exchange program in a cosy atmosphere between PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation and the honored guests took place right after the Conference to celebrate the success of PV Gas as well as the New Year 2013.                                          




PV Gas reached the highest revenue and profit since its establishment

In 2012, the implementation of the production and business plan of PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV Gas) was deployed in less favourable conditions. Because of impacts of the world and domestic difficult economy, the output of gas supply of fields in the Cuu Long gas system has kept declining over time of production and the gas consumption of consumers was irregular and at low level, etc. However, thanks to taking advantages of chances, sufficiently promoting the strength of the whole political system in the Corporation, along with the solidarity and high determination of the collective Leadership Board and the entire employees, PV Gas completed and exceeded most of the targets, especially some were completed two to four months ahead of schedule (The profits and the State budget contribution were completed before schedule for four months, LPG sales and output were finished two months ahead); successfully carried out listing PV Gas shares on the stock exchange; launched the first Oil and Gas steel pipe manufacturing plant of Vietnam into operation, etc. It is also the year that PV Gas achieved the highest sales and profits since its establishment and continued to be one of the leading units in the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (PVN) as well as on the stock exchange regarding its profits, significantly contributing to the State budget, together with PVN helping to stabilize the macroeconomics of the country.

To complete the assigned tasks and targets successfully, at the beginning of the year and during the process of implementation, PV Gas focused on operating, drastically executing, and synchronizing solutions of development promotion, including:
-    Building, thoroughly grasping, and strictly implementing the resolution/action plan/policies of the Group on restructuring, cost cut-off of management, and cost price reduction of products;
-    Summarizing, evaluating, and withdrawing experience and lessons from the results of 2011 year, offering the solutions of implementation for production and business plan in 2012 of the whole PV Gas, timely delivering/approving the plan 2012 for PV Gas members and affiliates ;
-    Building and holding the implementation of solutions to ensure the sustainable development of PV Gas in 2012 and the next years; reviewing and reallocating the tasks of each PV Gas unit to fit with practice without overlapping;
-    PV Gas leaders often work with units online/directly to promptly correct the activities of production and business under the general orientation, timely resolving difficulties and problems in production and business and investment of each unit;
-    Being proactive in the joint task for maintenance and repair among parties in the gas chain, making good preparations, and ensuring to shorten the time of gas flow stop;
-    Closely coordinating with the owners of gas fields and the consumers to make better forecasts, normination and mobilization of gas;
-    Reviewing and revaluating the investment efficiency of some projects, implementing to stop/extend the progress of the really unnecessary investment projects with low economic efficiency; maintaining the periodic briefing for key projects. PV Gas leaders always closely follow the construction sites to promptly remove difficulties and problems in the works execution aiming at ensuring the exact implementation schedule;
-    Promoting the strength of the whole political system in PV Gas; strengthening propaganda activities, launching emulation movements to promote  technical initiatives and innovations, practice cost savings in management, reduce product cost price reduction, fights against corruption and waste in all PV Gas units.
With high determination and concentration on operating drastically and closely, along with solidarity and efforts to overcome difficulties and challenges of the entire personnel of PV Gas, most of the tasks and business operation targets completed in excess of the plans in 2012, in which some targets  highly increased compared to the same period of the previous year, specifically:
First: Most of the production and business targets  completed in excess of the plan, in which many targets highly increased compared to the previous year, and especially some important targets finished two to four months ahead of schedule:
+ Dry gas reached 9,008 million m3, equal to 102% of the plan. If including the LPG output of member units (excluding overlapping volumes), in 2012 PV Gas supplied to domestic and foreign markets with the amount of 1,282,984 tons;
+ Condensate (light gasoline) reached 58,000 tons, equal to 118% of the plan;
+ The Liquefied Petroleum Gas - LPG (from the sources of Dinh Co, Dung Quat, and the import) reached 1,034,984 tons, equal to 119% of the plan;
- Turnover reached 66,250 billion VND, equal to 120% of the plan;
- The State budget contribution reached 5,313 billion VND, equal to 178% of the plan.
- Profit before tax reached 11,068 billion VND, equal to 172% of the plan;
Second: The gas system operation was safe, stable, continuous, guaranteed to supply consumers with gas in the maximum extent as possible, contributing to ensure the national energy and food security, meeting the demand on input fuels and feedstock to produce over 40% of electricity output, 70% of fertilizer demand, and over 70% of LPG market share nation-wide.
Third: The construction investment kept being implemented at high rate and guaranteed the sufficient capital source as the proposed plan. The LNG import project for the domestic gas shortage was actively deployed. In the year, PV Gas completed the steel pipe manufacturing plant, ready to supply pipes for the oil and gas projects; and basically finished the investment capital settlement of seven projects.    
Fourth: Completing the final settlement of capitalization and successfully carrying out the listing of PV Gas shares (GAS) on the HCMC Stock Exchange in May, 2012. The conversion and restructuring of the enterprise were implemented according to the plan approved by the Group. The activities of subsidiaries and associated companies were profitable.
Fifth: The safety – national defense – security activities were concentrated above all and positively implemented in the local areas where the gas works are located in; the total number of safe working hours at the above business units reached 6 million hours without any unfortunate problems affecting to human, property, environment, as well as the prestige of PV Gas. PV Gas obeyed all regulations issued by itself, the Group and the State on the safety – environment protection tasks. PV Gas strengthened its coordination with the police, Border Guards and the local authorities of provinces (especially six provinces of the Central region, from Quang Ngai to Binh Thuan, and six Western provinces, Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, and Ba Ria – Vung Tau).
Sixth: The research of scientific applications in operation, maintenance and repair, training, promotion of technical innovations has been paid special attention. Number of shutdown days for maintenance and repair has been significantly shortened (the Cuu Long gas system completed 129 hours ahead of schedule in maintenance and repair, the PM3-Ca Mau completed 3 days ahead of schedule). PV Gas completed two sector-level scientific researches and applied them in production; over 100 patent initiatives benefiting 345 billion VND for PV Gas. PV Gas also nominated 5,262 employees to participate in professional domestic and abroad trainings.
Seventh: The social security tasks were implemented as committed; the cost cut-off and cost price reduction program was implemented seriously and thoroughly. The exciting working atmosphere of PV Gas workers at construction sites and plants along with lively emulation movements  significantly contributed to the successful implementation of proposed tasks; the activities for celebrating major holidays and events of the country, the Group, the Corporation as well as units were launched with workers’ active participation. The total number of employees of the whole PV Gas is 3,226 by the time of report (Particularly the parent company is 1,083 employees), in which female employees are accounting for 20% and workers with college qualifications and above are accounting for 60%.
The implementation process of action programs of cost cut-off and cost price reduction as directed by superiors was taken seriously. PV Gas cut the costs of management, improved, rationalized, production, and saved on fuels, feedstock, energy and construction investment with 330 billion VND, representing 135% of the plan (Savings on production and business costs with 160 billion VND, management cost with 26 billion VND, management cost of construction investment with 143 billion VND).
PV Gas always implements the use and supply of services seriously and thoroughly under the resolution, conclusion, directive and guideline documents of the Group. As the previous years, in 2012, the activities on service provision of PV Gas were associated with major activities without overlapping with other units in the sector and mainly focusing on services on gas and gas products transportation, low pressurized gas and CNG (compressed natural gas) distribution for industrial zones, CNG/LPG distribution for transportation and urban areas; and services on pipe coating, gas cylinders supply, project management, storage tank rental. These services always met customers’ requirements for quality, quantity and progress, and got remarkable growth. The proportion of using services remained high (over 70%), of which, the mainly used types of services were design, procurement, construction and installation of gas works, maintenance and repair, procurement of materials and equipments for operation, transportation of gas products (hire of boats, trucks, and docks), insurance, inspection, assessment, scientific research and training, etc. As a result, the value of services provision reached 3,367 billion VND in gas industry and 7,830 billion VND outside gas industry, and the value of services use reached 2,975 billion VND.
Inheriting and developing our ancestor tradition that “When drinking water, remember its source”, PV Gas not only concentrated on implementing business activities but also expressed its high social responsibility through social security and community activities. These activities showed cultural traditions in line with our nation’s good morals, accordingly promoted for the Corporation’s image and strengthened its relationships. As the previous years, in 2012, many activities on charity, support for education, sport, culture, flooded and disaster areas, gratitude houses construction, etc. were effectively implemented for right subjects contributing on the social security program of the whole country remarkably. In the whole year, the total implementation value of this work reached over 144 billion VND, completing 100% of the plan assigned by the Group.
To continuously promote emulation movements and implement the assignments in the next year 2013, PV Gas has set the following targets:
To safely and effectively operate and ensure the safety and security activities of the existing gas works.
To ensure efficiency in production, consumption, and supply consumers with gas products in the maximum extent as possible.
- Dry gas will reach 9,010 million m3 ;
- Condensate (light gasoline) will reach 51,000 tons ;
- To produce and consume 920,000 tons of LPG, together with member units meet the LPG demand of the whole country with over 60% ;
- The revenue reaches 55,750 billion VND.
1. To control and guarantee the progress of construction investment projects, especially the projects on gas gathering, processing, storing and distribution. In 2013, PV Gas will implement a total of 26 projects with 2,966 billion VND of capital disbursement demands, focusing on two main fields including the gas gathering, transportation, processing and distribution, and the construction of infrastructure in preparation for LNG import.
2. To choose gas and gas service fields as the focus, continue checking the external investment, adjusting the portfolio of suitable investment capital and types to ensure efficiency; to reduce costs in the production and business activities.
3. To implement restructuring the enterprise, to continue building the arrangement and innovation plan of PV Gas units until 2015.   
4. To manage implement efficiently gas sales and purchase and transportation agreements.
5. To focus on construction investment and development of PV Gas brand domestically and abroad.
6. To carry out the other tasks assigned by the Group ; to strengthen technology transfer, innovation and advanced technology applications in the gas industry, intensify the cooperation in science and technology with the domestic and foreign organizations/units in the gas processing area, apply information technology and advanced management methods in the production and business fields ; to build plans and the use of scientific research funds in accordance with regulations to ensure efficiency.


1. The Corporation completed the targets of profits and the State budget contribution before the schedule for four months, and two months ahead for the targets of LPG sales and output.
2. Successfully listing PV Gas shares on the stock exchange.
3. Completing turnaround works and putting the gas systems of Nam Con Son, Cuu Long and PM3 - Ca Mau into operation before the schedule.
4. Completing the system of Nhon Trach – Hiep Phuoc low-pressurized gas for supplying industrial consumers at the rate of 2 million m3 of gas per day to replace traditional fuels and feedstock, helping to protect the environment.
5. Successfully implementing the task of operation in mode of the C2 content rise of LPG at the Dinh Co gas processing plant, contributing to increase LPG recovery yield and the gas value.
1. To carry out the listing of PVID shares on the stock exchange.
2. To begin to build the project on Thi Vai liquefied natural gas to supplement the source of supply of 1 million tonnes of gas per annum (1MMTPA of LNG) for the South-eastern market.
3. To complete and put the Thi Vai refrigerated LPG storage terminal into use, aiming at increasing the sense of initiative in business as well as stabilizing the LPG market of the whole country, and to complete and put the project on Nam Con Son gas subsidy provision for Dinh Co into operation to increase the gas value.
4. To complete and put the Ca Mau gas compression station into operation for increasing the right to receive PM3 gas and the capacity of gas supply up to 6.2 million m3 of gas per day to consumers in the South-western region.
5. To receive natural gas from the Hai Thach – Moc Tinh new gas resources Hai Thach – Moc Tinh from NCS basin to contribute on increasing the  gas supply capability by nearly 2 billion m3 of gas per year for the South-eastern region.

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