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PV GAS - determines to keep its leading role in the gas industry

Mr. Duong Manh Son - Member of the Party Committee’s the Standing board at Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, Secretary of the Party Committee - Chairman of the Board of Directors at Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) affirmed: PV GAS has been operating with a great determination, which is to quickly complete the LNG infrastructure system for importing from 2022 and gradually make LNG be as an important solution of the National Energy Strategy. Mr. Duong Manh Son talks to Năng lượng Mới (New Energy) Magazine’s reporter about the motivations and solutions to achieve that great goal.

Reporter: Can you tell about what solutions PV GAS carried out to achieve the dual goal of "growth amid the fight against the pandemic" in 2021 when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, greatly affecting all aspects of PV GAS’s operations.

Mr. Duong Manh Son: In 2021, PV GAS drastically, synchronously and effectively carried out many action programs, with the combined efforts of all solidarity blocs. Thereby, PV GAS always ensured the safety and availability of gas works, gas collection - transportation - production - import and export system to process and supply gas as well as gas products at a high level in every condition.

Moreover, PV GAS carried out appropriate business policies, shared difficulties with customers to create good relationships with existing customers, and develop new customers at the same time; Strengthened forecasting and analyzing markets, promoted domestic and international LPG trading activities. Especially PV GAS conducted strongly the digital transformation, meeting all requirements for operating, working and coordinating during the pandemic;...

We affirmed the correctness and practical effectiveness, when PV GAS strongly focused on 3 core solutions: market development, policy establishment and governance improvement, including human resource management.

Reporter: What do you think about the orientation and decisions of Petrovietnam towards its member units during last extremely difficult period?

Mr. Duong Manh Son: Facing the complex evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, Petrovietnam had built a strategy to overcome the "storm" with many right decisions and orientations, always upholding the mission of national energy security. Harmonious development between economy and culture was the key point which Petrovietnam instructed its member units to proactively and flexibly adapt to the new normal, at all costs to achieve the highest goal: ensuring safety and health for its employees, maintaining smooth production and business.

Reporter: The greatest successes during last COVID-19 outbreaks are also experiences to continue facing challenges in 2022. Can you share the perspective of PV GAS?

Mr. Duong Manh Son: The last two years were the most difficult period in the development history of Vietnam's oil and gas industry including PV GAS. They will be lessons for us to recognize the most important values, to support the collective and each person to move forward.

Inheriting the core value of Petrovietnam's culture, it is "Aspiration - Intelligence - Professionalism - Love". Complying with the Resolution of the 10th PV GAS Party Congress with the motto "Solidarity - Innovation - Professionalism - Action", PV GAS could achieve the greatest successes.

PV GAS has brought the spirit of Vietnam and the whole industry, gradually getting new achievements in difficult circumstance; making a mark on almost all aspects of labor - production - business, celebrating the age of 30 growing up and developing; becoming a prominent enterprise on the stock market, and being highly appreciated by prestigious domestic and foreign organizations for many years.

PV GAS continued to supply gas and gas products sustainably for producing nearly 15% of electricity output, 70% of protein, meeting nearly 70% of the national LPG market share, making an important contribution to ensuring national energy and food security.

PV GAS continued to achieve its financial targets at a high level, especially in 2021, reaching the highest total revenue of nearly VND80 trillion since its establishment. 2021 was also the year PV GAS had the highest donations to social welfares and the pandemic prevention and control with nearly VND300 billion.

PV GAS affirmed to be a bright spot in construction and investment with many key and complex projects which were carried out, completed and met requirements. The gas industry will develop stronger when the new projects are expected to complete and put into operation.

Entering 2022, the COVID-19 pandemic continues evolving unpredictably, gas consumption for electricity production is expected to be low, PV GAS is determined to ensure the safe operation of gas works; to build PV GAS development strategy to adapt to new situations in line with the national energy development strategy and the development strategy of Petrovietnam.


Reporter: Sir, at COP26, Vietnam signed a commitment towards combating climate change. Along with that, the national power development master plan in 2021-2030 (or Power Development Master Plan 8) sets out a roadmap towards renewable energy, minimizing coal power. LNG is the future trend. Can you tell about the LNG development roadmap of PV GAS in the coming period?

Mr. Duong Manh Son: The Resolution 55-NQ/TW, the Decision 2233/QD-TTg, and the Decision 60/QD-TTg all clearly defined the import and development of LNG as one of the country’s sustainable energy development solutions, meeting the requirements of socio-economic development for the new period along with the trend of energy transition that is taking place strongly globally.

Since last many years, under the close direction of Petrovietnam, PV GAS has taken the initiative, prepared for the energy transition, quickly completed the LNG infrastructure system for importing from 2022 and gradually made LNG be as an important solution of the National Energy Strategy. This has been also the goal to make up for the declining domestic gas source, to proactively supply, and to enhance the development of the gas/LNG market in Vietnam.

Simultaneously, PV GAS also built a specific strategy on developing the gas/LNG market, diversifying customers as well as actively researching and working with potential gas/LNG consumers in the future, in which the key gas-fired power plants will account for more than 70% and the rest 30 per cent for the petroleum customers, industrial households, transportation and urban areas.

PV GAS has concentrated resources on investment and development of infrastructure for importing, storing and distributing LNG nationwide. Specifically, 3 LNG hubs will be set up in each region in the country including: the 1- million ton per year LNG storage project at Thi Vai Terminal in southern region, towards increasing its capacity to 3 million tons/year; Son My LNG storage facility in the central region; and the rest in the northern region (Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Thanh Hoa provinces). Moreover, PV GAS has focused on preparing the short and medium-term import sources; The preparation for LNG consumption has also been actively implemented by PV GAS;…

Continuing to carry out the pioneering mission in the gas industry and the LNG field in Vietnam, PV GAS has clearly defined the development strategy of the LNG energy segment, with the direction and support of the Government, ministries, relevant agencies and especially Petrovietnam. The determination is to do our best for the sustainable development of clean energy - That is the will of all employees in the gas industry in Vietnam - our PV GAS!


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