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PV GAS carries out anti-waste and saving programme of 2020

Complying with Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PETROVIETNAM)’s policies and carrying out the Plan of Production and Trades of 2020 successfully, Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) has implemented an Anti-waste and Saving Programme in this year, which includes many drastic and practical actions. 

The programme has continued to strengthen practices of saving and anti-waste, which have been carried out well in last many years, and in every activity of PV GAS and its units. PV GAS especially has focused on the implementation of urgent projects and main ones to try to ensure the rate of progress and soon to put into commercial operation.

PV GAS also has improved effectiveness in the implementation of the Anti-waste and Saving Programme through effectively exploitation and use of every source; the focus of setting up and carrying out solutions synchronously to achieve goals of production and trades in this year. PV GAS especially has improved awareness on responsibilities and definition of them for leaders of its every unit to carry out practices of saving and anti-waste; and to fine violators. The programme’s results have been bases to evaluate the units and individual’s implementation of tasks.

Although the programme is an annual task, PV GAS still strengthens and carries out solutions more regularly to control waste strictly, to evaluate effectiveness in production and trades, and to warn risks in operation basing in the real situation of each stage. As a unit of producing and trading continuously in 24 hours each day and seven days a week, the highest requirement is to have to absolutely save energy, materials, the cost for input; to research and to apply new technologies to improve quality and competitive capacity in providing services and goods and to save the cost of production and trades. PV GAS has tried to save the management cost by more than 5 per cent compared to the approved plan; the one for advertisement, promotion, conferences, meetings; and those for energy, etc. PV GAS also has focused on restructuring the Corporation (dissolving, merging, establishing new units, purchasing shares, increasing capital contributions, raising charter capital, restructuring business, etc.) to match with its approved plan and Development Strategy.

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