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PV GAS Ca Mau Company organized Firefighting and Rescue Sports Festival 2023

The gas industry is identified as a pivotal sector in the process of Vietnam’s industrialization and modernization. However, due to the nature of its operations, there are inherent risks of fire and explosion, posing potential hazards to the community and the environment. Therefore, ensuring absolute safety for gas facilities is always a top priority for the Authorities at all levels.

Welcoming participants joining the fesitival with highly motivated spirit 

The festival was the collaboration between PV GAS Ca Mau Company (KCM) and Ca Mau Firefighting and Rescue Police Department. On behalf of KCM were Mr. Nhat Quoc Toan and Mr. Nguyen Hong Quang – Deputy General Managers. On Ca Mau Firefighting and Rescue Police Department side, there was Mr. Vo Trung Hieu – Department Leader.

Fire and Rescue Team-up competition 

The sports festival attracted more than 70 participants from various departments. They were divided into 5 teams: Van chuyen – Dieu do khi, GPP1 Plant, GPP2 Plant, Lien quan, and Ky thuat. The teams competed in activities such as Fire and Rescue Team-up, and Gas Fire Emergency Response. All the competitions highlighted the requirements of quick, timely, and effective firefighting and rescue operations to avoid/ minimize damage to both property and human lives. The event especially emphasized the importance of coordination, unity, and adherence to proper procedures to enhance effectiveness in real-life situations at gas facilities.

Practicing gas source isolation in case of an emergency

In the Fire and Rescue Team-up competition held in limited space, the first prize was awarded to Van chuyen – Dieu do khi, the second went to GPP2 Plant, and the third was given to Lien quan. In the following part, Lien quan, Van chuyen – Dieu do khi and Ky thuat respectively secured the first, second, and third positions. The overall result showed that Van chuyen – Dieu do khi claimed the first spot, followed by GPP2 Plant and Lien quan as Second and Third winners. Ky thuat and GPP1 Plant were awarded encouragement prizes.


Firefighting Water Jet Competition 

Với những phần thi chất lượng, nghiêm túc, nhưng cũng không kém phần sôi động, hào hứng từ sự cổ vũ nhiệt thành của đông đảo cổ động viên từ các bộ phận của KCM, cả 5 đội đều thể hiện thế mạnh riêng và đạt các kết quả ấn tượng. 

Congratulating the winning teams of Firefighting and Rescue Sports Festival 2023

This sports festival was part to foster the development of firefighting and rescue skills, tactics, and awareness among the Firefighting and Rescue forces and employees of KCM. Moreover, it helped enhance the sense of responsibility to maintain safety at the workplace, thereby minimizing potential damages to human lives, property, and the environment.

Awarding prizes to the winning teams 


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