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PV GAS Ca Mau Company Accomplished Operations and Maintenance

From August 17th to August 26th, 2023, PV GAS Ca Mau Company (KCM), in collaboration with PV GAS Services Company (DVK), carried out the operations and maintenance (O&M) work for PM3 Ca Mau Pipeline and Ca Mau Gas Processing Plant (GPP). Both companies had prepared meticulously and coordinated smoothly to monitor the work at the construction sites, with absolute security and safety, ultimately achieving optimal results.

However, in the unfavorable weather conditions with heavy rainfall, the progress of the work was significantly impacted and thereby faced numerous challenges. With the close guidance of the leadership, and especially the dedication of over 300 employees directly involved from both companies, the 2023 O&M was excellently completed. As a result, it not only fully met the set goals for Safety, Quality, Progress, and Environment but also made the pipeline and the GPP able to deliver gas ahead of schedule.


KCM and DVK excellently performed O&M tasks


KCM had completed 22 tasks (including 2 regular O&M tasks and 20 emergency O&M tasks), while collaborating with DVK to complete 89 tasks (including 1 regular O&M task, 3 tasks for equipment calibration and verification, 6 emergency O&M tasks, and 79 preventive O&M tasks).

PM3 Ca Mau pipeline was ready to supply gas at 00:00 on August 21st, 6 days earlier than the planned schedule (00:00 on August 27th). In line with that, KCM resumed gas supply at 10:40 on August 24th, 61 hours ahead of the schedule, with total volume within the time at 2.22 million Sm3, equivalent to transportation revenue of VND 1.85B.


KCM and DVK coordinated smoothly and achieved optimal results

The O&M of Ca Mau GPP was completed at 12:00 on August 25th, 1.5 days before the deadline (00:00 on August 27th, 2023). During the isolation of the GPP, KCM proactively designed a partial pressure relief plan (instead of relieving pressure for the entire plant). This helped reduce the cost of flaring gas by approximately VND 800M and mitigate the impact on the environment.

As of present, KCM has implemented a total of respectively 16 and 6 gas shutdowns for O&M of PM3 Ca Mau Pipeline and Ca Mau GPP.

KCM has implemented a total of respectively 16 and 6 gas shutdowns for O&M of PM3 Ca Mau Pipeline and Ca Mau GPP
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