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PV GAS announces a personnel appointment decision in 2023

Basing on working requirements and cadre affairs, PV GAS on February 15 held a ceremony to announce and hand over the decision to the leaders of its units.

Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) has decided to appoint Mr. Nguyen Phuc Tue, Director of LNG Trading Branch as Director of Petrovietnam Gas Trading Company (PV GAS Trading). During this time, PV GAS assigned the task of taking charge of the LNG Trading Branch to Mr. Phan Huy Vuong, its Deputy Director.


PV GAS has also decided to appoint Mr. Hoang Viet Dung, Deputy Director of Petrovietnam Gas Trading Company as the Representative of PV GAS at Vietnam LPG Trading Joint Stock Company (PV GAS LPG). PV GAS has assigned Mr. Hoang Viet Dung to represent the management of 5,951,781 shares, equivalent to 16.31% of charter capital at PV GAS LPG; introducing him to the PV GAS LPG General Meeting of Shareholders.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Tran Duc Son - Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Head of the Organization and Human Resources Division at the Corporation announced these decisions of PV GAS.

PV GAS CEO Hoang Van Quang respectfully handed over the decisions and gave congratulatory flowers to the two officers who received its new decision.

Delivering congratulatory remarks and assigning tasks to the two officers, PV GAS CEO Hoang Van Quang affirmed: The officers assigned to the new responsibilities were all examples of capable, ethical and visionary leaders; the wise and appropriate choice of PV GAS Board of Directors for a new progress. Both units involved in these decisions are in the LPG trade - one of the key activities of PV GAS, especially important in the enhancing process of PV GAS LPG retail strategy. Therefore, the PV GAS CEO expected the officers to immediately focus on their assigned tasks, actively contributing to the strengthening process of their specialized activities; especially appreciating coordination, ensuring safe and effective production and business, actively participating in building and strengthening collective solidarity and stable development. The CEO wished the officers to achieve new successes in their new positions, worthy of the given trust from the Board of Directors at PV GAS, and continuing to keep the enthusiasm of PV GAS.

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