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Meeting to partially sum up two-year implementation of the Joint Resolution between PV GAS Youth Union and Nha Be District Youth Union

On 16/4, the Meeting to partially sum up two-year implementation of the Joint Resolution between PV GAS Youth Union and Nha Be District Youth Union was held at the head office of PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS). The Meeting was attended by Mr. Ho Xuan Truong, Secretary of the Youth Union of Central Business sector; Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thinh, Secretary of PVN Youth Union; Ms. Tran Hoang Khanh Van, Head of International Department of Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union; Mr. Tran Van Tam, Chairman of PV GAS Trade Union...;

Building strong organization of Youth Union, carrying out Youth Union activities of practical significance for Youth Union members, contributing to successful implementation of Resolutions of Party committees and authorities of various levels are among key tasks of the Youth Union organization. With this meaning, at the beginning of 2012-2017 tenure, the Standing Committee of PV GAS Youth Union has entered into a Joint Resolution with the Standing Committee of Nha Be District Youth Union on supporting each other in Youth Union tasks and youth movements, especially the implementation of social security programs at Nha Be District. The Meeting on 16/4 was aimed at evaluating achievements completed, defining issues requiring attention and remedy, drawing experience lessons from the Joint Resolution.                         
In the speech opening the Meeting, the Secretary of PV GAS Youth Union, Mr. Nguyen Cong Luan said that: “Since PV GAS opened its office at Nha Be District, PV GAS Youth Union has always actively cooperated with local authorities and people, Nha Be District Youth Union in joining social security programs benefiting the local residents' life and developing education for young people”.
After 2 years of implementation, the Joint Resolution has yielded many positive results contributing to improving quality of the Youth Union tasks and children movements of the 2 units such as: implementing the scholarship program “Scholarships to help poor pupils go to school” with expenditure of more than 1 billion VND, awarding scholarships and school supplies to more than 1,000 children at the district; holding the “Full moon Festival” program on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival for 300 children in difficult situation, creating healthy and useful playground for them; supporting 80 million VND to the Standing Committee of District Youth Union, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Phuoc Kien Commune in upgrading and repairing Dao Su Tich street – Phuoc Kien commune, contributing to effective implementation of the “New Rural Area” Project with local authorities; organizing the 82nd Anniversary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (26/03/1931 – 26/03/2013) and praising 82 typical Youth Union officials and members; strengthening the tasks of holding summer volunteer activities at the district…;                            
Through these activities, both 2 units have demonstrated the role of Youth Union organization in social security tasks, at the same time reaching consensus and support of the Party committees of the 2 units, gradually tightening solidarity, cooperation and support of the youth force. The implementation of Joint Resolution has helped the youth's life at Nha Be District to some extent. Also, when participating in activities of social security tasks, Youth Union members have opportunities to practice, keeping themselves in close touch with community life in the times of economic integration.
In the future, the 2 Youth Union organizations will agree on strengthening cooperation programs with targets: to encourage and motivate union members of the 2 units to be more enthusiastic in social security tasks, taking care of and improving quality of life for teenagers and children in difficult situation in the locality; to propagandize practical and significant effects of social security tasks to union members for their awareness and full participation in order to maintain and develop movements, contributing to promotion of PV GAS trademark with diversified activities; to introduce more creative and practical operation methods, more effective solution models...
At the Meeting, the Secretary of the Youth Union of Central Business sector, Mr. Ho Xuan Truong highly evaluated and praised activities of PV GAS Youth Union in combination with Nha Be District Union in implementing social security tasks, local movements as "very significant activities”.                       
Recognizing the effort of Youth Union officials, the Standing Committee of PV GAS Youth Union and the Standing Committee of Nha Be District Youth Union praised teams and individuals with good effort in developing and implementing tasks, contributing to general success of the Joint Resolution.

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