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KDN conducted oil spill response exercise

This is the exercise of processing oil spillage information first held in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province with the participation of many functional units. The exercise was under cooperation of local units such as: Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Control and Search and Rescue, Border Guard Command, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Vung Tau Port Authority, Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre of Region III, Vung Tau Coastal Information Radio Station, Marine Police Region III, Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, Southern Maritime Safety Assurance Corporation…

A scenario for the exercise was: AN BINH Vessel, Vietnamese nationality, tonnage of 15,000 tons, on course bound for Ho Chi Minh City, was forced to drop anchor in emergency due to main engine failure for fixing at coordinates: 10 degrees 04 minutes 15 seconds North latitude, 107 degrees 37 minutes 45 seconds East longitude, about 50km away from Long Hai coast. The anchorage position was within the corridor of gas pipeline from Bach Ho field to Dinh Co Gas Plant. At 8:40, while heaved up, the anchor collided with the gas pipeline resulting in a pipe breakage. Immediately, gas and condensate burst out from the pipe, forming into water columns with big bubbles boiling on the sea sufarce.                                    
Once spilt, the light gas flew straight into the air; the liquid condensate floated on the surface water and also strongly evaporated under conditions of temperature, sun and wind at the site. Noticing the abnormal phenomenon accompanied by a gas smell causing shortness of breath to the crew, the captain informed the sailors to prepare an evacuation from the danger zone by lifeboats and promptly notified Vung Tau Coastal Radio Station of the incident and the crew leaving the vessel and asked for rescue.
Immediately, Vung Tau Radio notified the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre Region III (MRCC), the provincial Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Control and Search and Rescue and the Maritime Safety Assurance Corporation. The provincial Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Control and Search and Rescue informed the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and asked for verification of the case. The Department of Natural Resources and Environment checked with South East Gas Transmission Company. At South East Gas Transmission Company, upstream valves at Bach Ho central processing platform and downstream valves at Long Hai Landfall Station were closed under automatic mode set for cases where air pressure in the pipe dropped below the default value, preventing the condensate from overflowing. South East Gas Transmission Company quickly convened its Steering Committee for Incidents Response and Rescue and notified its units in accordance with the approved chart of incidents response and rescue organizations.
 Maritime announcements were broadcast to keep vessels aware of the incident and away from the danger zone. During the incident response, communication between units was constantly updated. The Executive Board promptly dispatched functional boats off to protect and prevent other vessels from sailing into the danger zone; searching and rescuing victims; identifing safe zones for vessel operation. The coordinated task of warning, search and rescue was maintained until victims were brought to shore safely. The Provincial Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Control and Search and Rescue announced the suspension of rescue work when notified by KDN that the gas leakage was no longer dangerous at the site.
At the end, the exercise was rated as successful by the representatives of State authorities and PV Gas’ leaders, from the scenario preparation to the coordinated deployment of the exercise, conducted in a creative, timely and consistent manner to achieve the goal: “Inspecting, evaluating abilities and capacities of units on duty of receiving and processing information, giving advice to leaders; instructing, directing, operating relevant agencies; coordinating in handling and responding to situations of the units". The exercise with set scenario was practical and effective, demonstrating the role of each body and unit regarding their functions and duties. The units were aware of the important practice of incident handling and response to apply in reality.


Addressing at the exercise, PV Gas’ Vice President Nguyen Thanh Nghi appreciated the attention and assistance of State authorities. He affirmed that security assurance was a constant and non-stop work in all units of PV Gas; an important task along with production and trading activities that should be well maintained and implemented.” Ho The Han (KDN)

Ho The Han (KĐN)

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