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Border – Island sentiment program at Hon Khoai, Ca Mau in 2013

In order to welcome the 38th anniversary of South Vietnam Liberation and National Reunification Day (30/4/1975 - 30/4/2013) and the International Labor Day 1/5; as well as implement the regulation in coordination between PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) and border guards of Ca Mau Province in order to ensure the protection and security of pipeline PM3 – Ca Mau, the Youth Union of PetroVietnam Gas Ca Mau (PV Gas Ca Mau) had coordinated with Youth Union of PV GAS, Youth Union of Border Guards Commanding Unit of Ca Mau Province, Youth Union of Economic security unit of Ca Mau Public Security, and local Youth Committee of Ca Mau Province to organize the “Border Island Sentiment Program” 2013. The program was conducted from April 27 to 28, 2013 and aimed to visit and offer gifts to officers and soldiers who have been working at Hon Khoai Island, Ngoc Hien District, Ca Mau Province.

Hon Khoai Island is a remote area with inconvenient conditions in going back and forth which has caused many difficulties to live in here; it takes 3 hours to deliver all necessities from land to the island; source of power for living and studying are in short and information and communication conditions are also limited. Understanding and sympathizing with difficulties of the island soldiers, the Youth Union Delegation had offered some gifts to the border guards of Hon Khoai Station, belonging to border patrols of Ca Mau Province, as well as soldiers working for navy Radar Station, International Lighthouse and local Forest ranger unit at Hon Khoai Island, specifically: 3 TV TCL 21”, 8 of 100-Amp battery boxes, 1 computer set, 1 painting of gas project and many greetings and encouragement to local officers and soldiers. Total values of the gifts were VND 35 million. During the visit, Youth Union members of the delegation also participated in conquering the 318-meter height of Hon Khoai Island, and playing volleyball with local officers and soldiers.

The night of exchange with excellent music performance and some fun games had tightened the solidarity between the mainland and island people. All the physical and spiritual emotion had showed the connection between PV GAS and the units that have been protecting the country, which also protected the business activities of PV Gas, days and nights as well as cheered and encouraged the island soldiers to keep conducting their duties of building and protecting the sacred national security and sovereignty over seas and islands.
The trip has left good impression in the hearts of the soldiers at Hon Khoai Island, Youth Union members and the entire employees of all units.

Hoang Thi Lan Anh

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