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PV GAS welcomes inspection delegation from Laos

The State Inspection of Laos led by Head of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party (LPRP) Central Committee's Inspection Commission and the Central Anti-Corruption Commission of Laos and President of the Lao State Inspection Authority Khamphan Homothet visited and worked in Vietnam from June 2-8, 2024.


PV GAS welcomes inspection delegation from Laos


PV GAS leaders expressed joy and honor at welcoming and working with the delegation. Later on, the Corporation reported on its development and notable achievements in leading the gas industry over the past 34 years, contributing effectively to Vietnam's oil and gas sector and the nation’s growth.

PV GAS also conveyed its pride in representing the Vietnamese business community to discuss internal inspection activities and the actual situation of inspection and control within the enterprise, as well as emphasized its commitment to transparency for sustainable development.

PV GAS leaders then shared investment directions in Vietnam’s North Central region, and infrastructure connectivity along with market expansion in Laos, thereby seeking strong support from the Lao government. Mr. Khamphan Homothet, on behalf of the delegation, thanked PV GAS for their warm, sincere, and comradely welcome, with great appreciation for its outstanding achievements and significant contributions to the country. He expressed the wish for the Corporation all the best to expand operations in Laos, delivering products from Vung Ang in a spirit of good cooperation.
Regarding mechanisms and policies to create suitable conditions for cooperation, and distribution, Mr. Khamphan Homothet stated readiness to listen and make appropriate proposals to support and create conditions for market development. The high-level delegation stressed that the practical study program in Vietnam would apply valuable experiences to their work in Laos.


Mr. Khamphan Homothet appreciated the warm welcome by PV GAS


Representatives of the Government Inspectorate of Vietnam made it clear that the cooperation program with Lao counterparts had undergone meetings, exchanges, training sessions, and business trips, ultimately leading to good results. The visit at PV GAS contributed to strengthening solidarity and providing valuable experiences to enhance the management and development of business communities of both countries, as well as protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the two countries and their enterprises.


Strong and Sustainable Vietnam-Laos Relationship


In summary, the visit at PV GAS was characterized by warm welcome, mutual appreciation of achievements, and discussions aimed at enhancing cooperation and bilateral ties between Vietnam and Laos in various fields, particularly in the energy sector. PV GAS' role in contributing to both nations' economic development was underscored, with transparency and sustainable growth in business operations.

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