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PV GAS Tennis Tournament successfully ends

To carry out the 2021 Work Program of the Corporation’s Party Committee, which has been approved by the counterpart of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, on January 11, 2022, at PV GAS Tower in Ho Chi Minh City, the Executive Board of the Party Committee at Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS) organized a conference to review the Party work in 2021 and carry out orientations and tasks in 2022.

Speaking to start the Conference, comrade Duong Manh Son - Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee at the Group, Secretary of the Party Committee, and Chairman of the Board of Directors at PV GAS emphasized: 2021 was the year when the performance of the Party's leadership tasks faced many difficulties and severe challenges, especially for political tasks, production and business caused by mostly and directly the Covid-19 pandemic’s long complex evolution; the reducing gas demand, the fierce competition from renewable energy sources (wind power, solar power) and competitors with great financial potential... However, with the resolution, initiative, innovation and timely leadership, direction and administration of the Party Committee, the Board of Directors at the Corporation and the high political determination of the whole political system, PV GAS has exceeded most of the targets and tasks, setting new revenue milestones amid challenging conditions. The Corporation’s all activities were carried out continuously without disruption; employees' health, employment and income were guaranteed; continuing to make great contributions to the Group's revenue and profit. The Party building work has been increasingly renewed, gradually put into order, with many strong and substantive changes. The Corporation’s role, position and potential in the Group and in the Vietnam’s gas industry has been increasingly consolidated. These results will create a new spirit, motivation and determination for all cadres, the Party members and employees of the Corporation in performing political tasks, building the Party and the political system in 2022.

At the conference, the attendees heard the draft report on work results in 2021, work plans and tasks in 2022; the draft Resolution of the Corporation's Party Committee on leadership in performing production and business tasks in 2022 and the draft Work Program in 2022 of the Executive Board of the Corporation's Party Committee.
After an urgent, serious, democratic and united working session, the conference’s proposed contents were completed. The conference’s attendees unanimously approved these reports.

At the conference, the Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation organized to award Certificates of Merit from the Party Committee of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group to outstanding collectives and individuals of the Corporation's counterpart.

Speaking to instruct at the conference, comrade Pham Xuan Canh - Standing Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Member of the Board of Members at the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group congratulated the Party Committee of PV GAS on successfully completing the tasks in 2021 with outstanding achievements: exceeding many assigned/planned targets and plans; continuing to maintain the pivotal role - the key unit of Petrovietnam; building a united collective - a team of typical cadres and taking good care of party members, employees,...

In 2022, facing the forecasted difficulties and high task requirements, requiring great efforts, comrade Pham Xuan Canh emphasized the position of the pivotal year in carrying out the resolutions of the Party congresses at all levels, the PV GAS Party Committee needs to pay attention to additional solutions and orientations to overcome the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic; to continue to lead the work of building the Party and political system, to develop sustainably and maintain its corporate position, and to bring PV GAS to new achievements and new heights.

Concluding the conference, comrade Duong Manh Son got the guidance from the leaders of the Party Committee at the Group, summarized the main tasks and emphasized some more issues to unify in leadership and implementation of political tasks and Party building work in 2022. He pointed out: "In 2022, besides advantages, PV GAS is expected to continue facing more difficulties and harsher challenges in the implementation of political tasks, production and business. More than ever, the entire Party Committee must promote the spirit of "Solidarity - Innovation - Professionalization- Action" to further uphold political responsibility, better perform the responsibility of becoming models, especially for leaders of the party committees and units to lead, direct and effectively carry out to achieve the set targets, plans and tasks in 2022, the Resolution on leadership in the performance of production and business tasks and the work program in 2022 of the Executive Committee of the Party Committee at the Corporation, achieving high efficiency in reality."

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