Compressed Natural gas (CNG)

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is a natural gas which of main composition is methane (CH4). It has been treated and compressed at high pressure (from 200-250 bar at ambient temperature) for advantage storage and transportation due to decrease the gas volume to 200-250 times.


CNG is a clean, environmental friendly fuel because it does not release toxic gases such as NOx, COx, SOX in combustion and virtually no dust. CNG engines can reduce 20% CO2, 30% NOx, 70% SOx and 50% of hydrocarbon emissions compared to gasoline engines.

Charts of comparison emmissons gas during the combustion of natural gas with other fuels

Because of complete combustion, without causing sedimentation in the combustor and carburetors, CNG helps improve performance, extend the maintenance cycle and service life of machinery and equipment. CNG price is about 10%-30% cheaper than petrol and this price is stable for a long time compared to that of petroleum products. Therefore, CNG is now widely used around the world as an alternative fuel for motor. In addition, CNG is also used as a fuel for industrial consumers far from gas pipelines.

Situation of CNG production and consumption in Vietnam

Currently, there are 28 buses using CNG fuel in HCM City. In the early stage of implementation of CNG bus launching, it has shown the advantages in terms of safety, economic efficiency, environmentally friendliness and well accepted by local people. According to the HCM City Department of Transportation, People's Committees of Ho Chi Minh city approved the project of operation more 300 CNG buses since 2014. The target of the project is to gradually replace the bus was damaged, degraded and no longer meet the technical standards of vehicles for public passenger.

CNG mothet station

CNG trucking

Bus use CNG in Ho Chi Minh city

CNG daughter station for industrial customers

In 2015, total capacity of three plants of PVGas South is about 150 million m3 of natural gas per year), including:

+ Phu My CNG Plant, capacity: 95 million m3 per year

+ My Xuan CNG Plant, capacity: 100 million m3 per year

+ Hiep Phuoc CNG Plant, capacity: 20 million m3 per year.

In 2015, PVGas also commissioned CNG plant in Tien Hai – Thai Binh province with a capacity of 200 million m3 per year.